FFVII Remake Would “Take Ten Times Longer” To Create Than XIII

Official Xbox 360 Magazine have been speaking to the producer of  Final Fantasy XIII-2, Yoshinori Kitase, who has said that they are aware ‘that hundreds of fans would like to see a hi-def version of Final Fantasy VII.’

However, he has also said the remake would ‘take ten times longer’ than the time taken to produce Final Fantasy XIII.  One of the problems seems to be the static backdrops of Final Fantasy VII which would have to be completely remade in HD.


“If we were to pursue the same graphical quality, somehow we would have to make adjustments about game volume in the world, we’d have to cut down certain areas,” said Kitase.

“But if we did that our fans would probably be not very happy, so we have to achieve both goals so that if we ever decide to either remake VII or make a sequel for hi-def consoles, we’re going to have to be very, very careful.”

Kitase also said he would be ‘really tempted to delete things and add new elements’ so perhaps we should stop clamouring for a remake a leave Final Fantasy VII as it is, a classic on PlayStation One.

Source: OXM



  1. Deja vu? Surely there was an article about just the same thing on here much earlier?

  2. I don’t want a re-make. I’m happy with FFVII. My fav game of all time. Leave it a lone. I still enjoy playing it today. Still holds it’s original charm. No i wont take these rose-tinted specs off!

    • Don’t you want it looking as good as Advent Children?

      • nope, I have advent children for that. I want it to remain exactly the way it is. That’s why I Love it so much

      • I loved those backdrops and the little pixel character, I agree it’s fine as it is!

        And most games I consider to be great, that I have revisited, haven’t held up to those memories – I’m sure FFVII would be different but am still happy for this to be left alone.

    • Althought I would love to see a remake with improved graphics, doesn’t even have to be HD just better. I wouldn’t want to compramise with them changing anything. So I’m with SpikeyMikey, it’s fine as it is. Still looks good, plays well and holds all it’s charm and fun. I think were past the point now where we would see a remake now. Long live FFVII!!!

  3. They are aware that “Hundreds” of fans would like a HD remake……. Don’t exert your imagination now :D

    • I wonder if there was a game from Square that sold by hundreds.

  4. See it doesnt need the graphics XIII has in my opinion, keep the same art style it currently has. (sliding across pre-rendered backgrounds) But elsewhere improve the 3d rendering.

    • Agreed. Are they seriously incapable of rendering out those backgrounds in higher resolutions? They deleted everything? What?

  5. Just improve the PS1 emulation on the PS3; force texture filtering and add a lot of AA, throw in some filters to smooth out the 2D and improve load times. That would be good enough for a long time in my mind.

    A remake can quickly ruin the game and it’s good name if it’s not really, really well done.

  6. I’d like a remake of FFVI more. Without them butchering the story and personalities.

  7. No thanks Square. Dont go messing with FFVII. Just focus your attention on making FFXIII-2 and Versus. Oh and fix FF14 while your at it.

  8. How about something along the lines of the ps3 tech demo they did http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thsnDqQu0mQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    Also what’s up with versus?

    • Maybe they are secretly working on it since 2007.


  9. how about just giving it a new engine that renders the game in a higher resolution?

    that would be better than nothing.

  10. I would like a remake of this. Or a sequel set in the same world/places. I just want to be able to see and explore some of those much loved areas with eye-gasm inducing visuals, is that really so much to ask?

    30 years my arse, surely there’s some corners they can cut – I mean look at Skyrim, it’s huge and it sure as only took a few years. True, it isn’t the prettiest game around but one would think static backgrounds would take less time?

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