PlayStation Announce ’12 Deals of Christmas’

The EU PlayStation Blog has posted details of a new festive offer. “With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly!” exclaims the post.

The PlayStation Store will offer twelve deals, each of which will last just 48 hours each and will start and stop at 12:00pm (GMT) with the first deal appearing on 1st December.


Here are the dates:

  • Christmas Deal 1 – 1st to 3rd December
  • Christmas Deal 2 – 3rd to 5th December
  • Christmas Deal 3 – 5th to 7th December
  • Christmas Deal 4 – 7th to 9th December
  • Christmas Deal 5 – 9th to 11th December
  • Christmas Deal 6 – 11th to 13th December
  • Christmas Deal 7 – 13th to 15th December
  • Christmas Deal 8 – 15th to 17th December
  • Christmas Deal 9 – 17th to 19th December
  • Christmas Deal 10 – 19th to 21st December
  • Christmas Deal 11 – 21st to 23rd December
  • Christmas Deal 12 – 23rd to 25th December

The exact details of each offer has not been revealed.

The PlayStation Blog also now handily features lots of links to the Official PlayStation Magazine website in the ‘around the web’ box on the right.  Handy.  [ed]

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I won’t be holding my breath for anything decent.

    • Agreed, probably cut price avatars or something similar.

    • Grinch.

      • I don’t mean to be but there is so much content missing in action ontop of content pulled as broken and missing from mid month plus updates that my faith in SCEE is at an all time low.

    • I dunno, at least a couple should be good?!

    • That’s the spirit Blastlel! You keep chipper. ;-)

  2. probably stuff already discounted on P+ or stuff so old alot wont bother. Lets hope its not and SOny come up with something decent.

  3. Can’t imagine they will be anything amazing but I have £25 PSN credit at the ready just in case :)

  4. If I remember right they had some offers this time last year which there was none that I wanted. I hope it’s better choice this time.

    • They did indeed & i was in the same boat. Similarly, i am hoping for some decent price reductions off of some decent stuff this time around – Limbo would be nice for a start.

      • You didn’t get Limbo for £1.74 off the Steam sale?!

      • Funnily enough the PSN saw a similar discount, but considering i have heard that it isn’t particularly long, i would be preferring to seee £3-£4 off of the price tbh. But i am a cheapskate, so go figure!

        (Oh & no steam access for me, as the only PC i ever use is the one in work.)

  5. Well, the responses so far are mainly pessimistic about the chances of decent quality games/offers being made available in this upcoming promotion. Have Sony really treated us this poorly that we expect little to nothing from them?

    • In a word: Yes

      • Not normally one to rise to this but, just how have we been treated so badly with our FREE service that we have? They have no obligation to do anything but sell us games and hardware.

      • Oh come on, I love my PS3 as well but you can’t tell me EU PS3 owners get a stunning PSN service.
        Most items are very over-priced when compared with US prices, a lot of the content doesn’t even make it over here (still waiting for my Resident Evil 2 and 3) and I’ve lost count how many last minute maintenance periods there have been.
        I would imagine most of these “amazing deals” will be them simply knocking the prices of some items down to what they should have been in the first place :P

      • I am not saying we have a stunning PSN service, but I don’t agree that this should be considered as “treating us poorly”. it is a free service for the most part and therefore you cannot expect too much, would you rather not have maintenance then? I would rather have a secure (ok not fully secure as this year proved) and stable system than an always runnign flakey service.

        Prices, we are in the UK, we always get ripped off on everything just look at petrol prices and food.

      • for a free service it does a great job, and ps plus has some given away some great games and discounts and is well worth the £40 i spent on it

    • It’s not Sony treating us bad but the EU division SCEE. We are constatly told about content that never comes, we get content that gets pulled and never returns, we don’t get the content other stores get, we get much worse deals, PS Plus+ in the EU is a laughing stock and we barely get anything like the US does and come to think of it we haven’t had a mid month update for November.

      All in all they treat is like a beaten spouse.

  6. Got far too many PSN games I’ve never played so unless the deals are amazing I’ll pass.

    Nice to See Sony trying a promotion though

  7. It’s a nice idea, shame I’m at university so won’t be able to take advantage of the first half of these offers.

  8. Gonna keep any eye on these. There has been very little of Interest to me over the past few months but I can’t resist a bargain if it appears!

  9. This could potentially be very good. Hoping for some nice Christmas treats, so bring on Thursday!

  10. OMG, I can’t wait for Christmas deal 5. It’s just amazing.

    • lol

    • Number 7 is where it’s at!

      • A cynic could say that you all should “wait for the January sales”!

    • I’m holding out for 8 maids a milking.. O.o

      • Plenty of cynics around here it seems.

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