Some New Gravity Rush Screens Released

Some new screens have been released for PS Vita title, Gravity Rush. We are promised that the game will grant you access to powers, such as gravity control, that will take advantage of the Vita’s many control methods.

There’s no denying that, visually at least, it looks fantastic. In case you’ve missed it before, I’ve added a trailer for the game from a couple of months ago.

Source: Press Release



  1. Count me excited. Looks very nice indeed.

  2. The game looks superb. This would probably be my first choice when buying a Vita.

  3. this one seems to have slipped past me – first time i’ve checked the trailer. yet another game to look out for come next year. damn.

  4. The youtube-window lay’s itself on top of the images on my browser (chrome). The penciled art style looks awesome, hopefully I’ll be getting this next year.

  5. this does look like an interesting title, if everything goes well for it it could be great.

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