Insider: Dragon Age Getting Multiplayer

The rumour mill is spinning once again with an anonymous tipster claiming that the next entry in the Dragon Age series will have multiplayer.

Speaking to Kotaku, the insider has said that the role playing franchise is to feature arena-based online multiplayer with competitive multiplayer and player vs. enemy elements. Best of all, you can play as a dragon, which could be incredibly badass.

The informant wasn’t sure whether the Dragon Age multiplayer was going to be part of a possible Dragon Age 3 or be a downloadable title, so we’ll have to wait and see on that front. What they did confirm, however, was that it is being developed on DICE’s Frostbite 2 game engine used for Battlefield 3.

It’s unclear whether this is the same insider that leaked the details for a Dead Space FPS, another EA series, but we’ll keep you posted.

If this stuff is true, man, EA must be fuming.

Source: Kotaku



  1. another game i’ll only be getting preowned, but then after dragon age 2 that was likely to happen anyway.

  2. Sigh. Co-op please, then I’ll be happy!

  3. NO! Feck you EA and your MP fetish. DA doesn’t need fecking MP as it excels or did excel at SP. First, DA2 was a major disappointment then ME3 getting MP which affects the bloody SP when MP and SP should be fecking seperate! Now this. FFS, I know that EA will force Bioware to focus on the MP and then half arse it on the story.

    I swear, if DA3 turns out to be even worse than DA2 because they focused on the MP and half arsed it on the SP, I will not be happy and may refuse to play any future Bioware games. I’m still pissed at how rushed DA2 was and the tacked on MP for ME3 that can be used to get the best ending whilst those who flat out refuse to play MP will have to jump through hoops.

    • I’m sure the ME3 thing is blown out of proportion. I suggest we wait and see how it turns out. I’m actually kind of excited about it. The whole team based combat thing screams for coop.
      As for DA3… I haven’t played any of the games but all I know is they need to step up their game if they don’t want to lose more fans…

      • I suppose up to 4 player co-op could work as you said, Team Base combat would be perfect for it. But if they go for the generic tacked on style of MP, you may hear a lot of DA fans exploding.

  4. Wondering how badly they can fuck up the game after DA2 which was abyssmally bad…. Looks like it could be worse. Fuck sake. Loved the first game to bits as well.

  5. Unless the Dragons fly backwards, not interested.

  6. Hmmmmmm not sure how this would really work with Dragon Age to be honest. I can see Mass Effect working yet this just screams “AHHHHH NOT LORD OF THE RINGS CONQUEST!!!!! D:”

  7. If the console versions were good I would be interested in this though sadly I lost interest at Origins with its shoddy port on the PS3 :/

  8. Bioware should disobey EA, pretty please? If NOT then they should make it at least good and fun co-op, example. Baldur’s Gate on PS2.

  9. Not really surprising, after all they gotta do something to justify the whole ‘project $10’ thing

  10. Stop crow-baring multiplayer into everything! I wish companies could see sense and do it where it fits. An example – it worked amazingly for Portal when co-op multiplayer was introduced, but a VS mode would have probably been awful. On the contrary, Dead Space 2 multiplayer was pretty boring, but co-op would probably have worked better. In essence, EA, EA, go away, come again some other day… Valve are better, and MP doesn’t always work, and if it might, it needs to be thought through carefully.

    • Dang. Now I can’t seem to get the “Round the Twist” theme song out of my head >.<

      Have to agree though. Multiplayer is fine where it's appropriate. But just adding it in for no good reason can just end up making a game feel messy and unfocused. Red Dead Redemption probably did the best job at having decent yet seperate modes. Though even then I thought the multiplayer side was rather less polished.

      Without my pants.

      • “Dang. Now I can’t seem to get the “Round the Twist” theme song out of my head >.<"

        Have you evah, evah felt like this…

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