Alan Wake May Have Sold More Than Originally Thought

Most of the critics that played Alan Wake had positive things to say about it back in May of 2010 when it launched exclusively for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, that’s not what a lot of people remember about Alan Wake. Instead, what they think of is a game that ended up bombing at retail after massive amounts of hype and a seemingly never-ending development cycle.

If news from Industry Gamers is to be believed, more people may have played Alan Wake than you might think.


Apparently there were over 900,000 digital units of Alan Wake that made their way into consumer’s hands via an Xbox 360 console bundle, but were never publicly factored into Alan Wake’s overall sales. This isn’t usually the case when it comes to console bundles, as noted with a similar bundle that included a digital copy of Halo: Reach – those bundles did attribute to Reach’s ‘official’ overall sales.

If you add those digital copies that were sent out via the bundle to the worldwide units already charted, you end up with around 1.4 million copies moved, which looks a tad nicer than the 500K previously reported. Unfortunately, this information comes from Industry Gamers’ unnamed “sources” and therefore must be taken as something a little lighter than concrete fact but, assuming this info is true, it’s great news for the team at Remedy.

Head of Franchise Development at Remedy, Oskari Häkkinen, had this to say on the matter.

“Unfortunately we can’t share numbers with you… The Wake bundles are substantial, in fact about half of the story – the untold story if you like. At the end of the day, we all love to follow charts, but the most important thing for Remedy really is about knowing how many people we reach and entertain – not necessarily what a measure or sales chart says.

Alan Wake’s digital bundle was the first of it’s kind. As a developer, we like testing new ground and when the digital opportunity was presented to us, we accepted. It’s good to see more of it being done now as it reflects the success of the Wake bundle. To take a guess, I’d presume the reason the numbers haven’t been registered is due to the untrodden ground we stepped on last year with the Wake digital bundle– Digital packages now seem to be part of business as usual, as are the sales. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing those sales added to the pot also though.”

In case you haven’t gotten enough Alan Wake just yet, be sure to check out the news section after the upcoming VGA’s, as the downloadable follow up to Alan Wake that we teased earlier this month is set to be revealed.

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. Absolute bull.

    This game flopped majorly and this information is utter rubbish.

    • Did you even read the quote?

    • Yeah, even if you take the sales as 1.4 million that’s still quite poor for an exclusive, and personally I disagree that copies of the game given in a console bundle should be included as sales.

      • It did sell a lot less then expected, which was sad, because it was a brilliant game.

        But sometimes you got to wonder, what the hell is wrong with people. A game like Infamous 2 hasn’t passed one million and after the first 10 weeks, it’s sales are a bit lower then the first one actually.

        Or Resistance 3, a brilliant shooter, who only barely passed ½ mill after 10 weeks.

        Or properly the most sad of them all, MotorStorm: Apocalypse has only passed 200k units. I know the disaster in Japan meant it wasn’t released over there and they had to push release in EU and US, but still… 200k units, that’s just sad.

        I fear games like MW3 and BF3 takes away to much of the attention from smaller, but brilliant games. A game like Deus Ex: Human Revolution deserves a much better sale, sure it has pushed around 1½ mill, but it’s still low for one of the best games of 2011.

        I would any day rather play Alan Wake, Resistance 3 or Infamous 2, Deus Ex over BF3 and MW3, but I’m not a big MP person, so that’s properly why.

      • Quite disappointing sales figures there. Another one is Enslaved which hasn’t sold well unfortunately given how good the game is. The case of Motorstorm selling quite badly I think is not the earthquake case but due to the fact that they went with a new style. I’m a big Motorstorm fan and opted not to get Apocalypse because from the demo and MP demo it just didn’t feel like Motorstorm.

      • Completely agree with you Erroneus, in that so few good games taking so much of the profits is very unhealthy in the long term for our much loved shared hobby.

        Some of those stats I didn’t know and find a little disturbing, I thought both Infamous and resistance sold better than that, with Deus Ex deserving much more than the still impressive sales it has achieved.

    • ““Unfortunately we can’t share numbers with you…”

      I wonder why….

      LOL, this is just desperate spin to try and pretend it didn’t flop..

  2. What a load of )£&@. I never played Alan Wake but it always interested me if I had a working Xbox. This just sounds like utter &@”@. Either way a second for next generation multi platform might be worth considering. It’s the type of game that would be appreciated more on ps3 I think.

    • I’m fairly sure the next Alan Wake is being revealed at the VGA’s next week, so we will find out then. Doubt it’s going multiplatform though.

  3. I wanted this game, but as it was an exclusive I couldn’t get it. Shame as I thought it looked pretty good. Seems a pity they haven’t got the credit they deserve, granted it might not be over 900,000, but any bundle amount is going to be pretty substantial, even at half the guessed amount.

  4. I got it new for £10 and it started of good then got bored. I also didn’t get the achievement for beating the stupid bulldozer mission so I went screw you as it screwed me over an achievement. -_-
    That’s where I left it.

    • Yeah you showed that game what for.

  5. i got it free with a 360s, pretty weird game.

  6. Did someone misplace the Stock Take sheet !

  7. I picked up Alan Wake second hand not long after getting my xbox a few months ago…not played it much as ive lent it out, but I do like it.

  8. “Yes, we sold loads once it was discounted, discounted again, re-released, made available as a download and given away with consoles.” Gibberish.

  9. Does it even matter at this point? The game was forgotten even when it was half relevant.

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