PS3 Exclusive ‘The Last Of Us’ Gets Teaser Trailer

Well well well, it seems Geoff Keighley has decided to give us a teaser of the upcoming exclusive PS3 game that will be announced at the VGAs. Titled ‘The Last of Us’, the trailer is a montage of riots, quarantine zones and the like, and seems to be voiced by the narrator from Bastion.

Another video on the official site is just of an ant on a leaf.


Feel free to go wild with speculation. AAAAAAH!!

Source: Twitter



  1. The Last Guy follow up?

  2. is it called ‘the last of us’?

  3. This vid reminds me of Dead Nation. The ant vid reminded me of MGS4 for some reason…

    • Dead Nation vids were crazy awesome though, this is trying to be serious. :/

    • Specifically the adverts in MGS4, yeah am weird.

      I don’t think it is a Dead Nation sequel, just reminded me of the intro.

  4. The ant video on the website is about ‘zombie’ ants. Not sure if that’s a clue or not.

    I remember seeing the video on QI a few weeks back, though it’s originally from BBC’s Planet Earth. Original, longer clip:

  5. Please not another zombie game…

  6. Probably a sequel to ‘The Agent’
    My speculation is as good as yours people!

  7. A movement has formed among the final survivors to get away from the plague that has decimated the city of Anchorage, once flowing with life, now just a desolate husk of its former self. These few survivors, no idea why they didn’t die, no idea what’s happened and nowhere to go will find a resolve among themselves, discover the meaning of this disaster and find out why they were chosen. Not spared.

    I don’t have a bloody clue.

  8. I think I feel a Zombie apocalypse coming on…

  9. I don’t have a clue what any of this could mean, but I have a suggestion for someone that could try it out. The video on the main page, the audio seems to be just a few notes being pressed on a keyboard or something. Perhaps the specific notes are actually part of the initials that are relevant to the game they’re teasing. Just my thoughts.

    Oh and judging by this, it doesn’t seem at all likely for a Heavenly Sword 2. Someday though…someday

  10. Im hyped for whatever this is.

    but i hope its not just another generic first person shooter with zombies
    (or if it is i hope its atleast creative)

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