Uncharted 3 Treasure Bearer Participants

Last week saw the announcement of TSA’s Uncharted 3 Treasure Bearer, and now that all the entries are in and counted it’s time to see who will be competing in tomorrow night’s tournament.

It’s great to see a good mix of regular players, old faces returned from Uncharted 2 days, and a sprinkling of new names too. Returning to defend his title is, of course, Goodgoa, and he is still a formidable opponent, but who will go up against him?

More importantly, who will come out as the champion, and take home the Uncharted: Drake’s Journal book?

Party 1
-Team A

  • Ashw92
  • Davidsmall2410
  • Rocket_345
  • NazzyQ
  • MitchJay92

-Team B

  • Bodachi – Host
  • Origami Killer
  • Tobo_56
  • Tom_Lord
  • Topgearsam

Party 2
-Team C

  • Fokkusu
  • Jakster123x
  • Lewis815
  • Marper
  • XisTG

-Team D

  • AzTk_SikOne86
  • Cnutard
  • Goodgoa
  • Skiewolfen
  • Teflon – Host

Bodachi will be the host for Party 1, whilst I will be hosting Party 2. If you’ve not already got us as friends on PSN, we’ll be adding you later today. The tournament will hopefully start at 8PM, so please be there a few minutes early to help grease the wheels.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!



  1. Oh, I’m so excited for this! I specifically signed up for TSA to join this tournament- so this is my first post! Good luck everyone!

    • Same here. I just signed up for TSA just for this tournament. Its going to be my 1st tournament so I don’t know what to expect. I’m excited to see how good I will do and good the competition will be. Well goodluck in I’ll see u guys 2moro.

      • You will both enjoy it a lot, and welcome to TSA :)

  2. Whilst on the subject of Uncharted3 I’ve started reading the Drake’s Journal book by Nolan North. My wife imported it for me as an early xmas pressie and I have to say its pretty interesting so far :) Plus it has lots of pretty pictures to keep me entertained… :D

  3. Good luck on this everyone! ^^

    • where’s your name?! are you not playing?

      • Aqua said on the announcement post he’s not free tomorrow, so sadly he’s not.

      • :/ ahh unlucky. It was a surprise as Aqua’s big Uncharted MP fan so was shocked to see name not there.

      • Yeah I would’ve loved to be able to play, but will be spending my evening on a train sadly.
        Hopefully if tonight’s tourney is a success, there’ll be a second one. :)

  4. I’d love to think that I’m a contender but knowing how insanely good some of these people are I’m going to be happy to get past round 1 lol.

  5. Some new names I see; had to get good old Tef on my team though :P. Should be a great event like last time; no Aqua though :(.

  6. It’s tomorrow? Oh.

    • Um… Yes… Is that a problem??

      • I can be the reserv player :D,

      • Ermm, hopefully not. 8 should be fine, I just completely forgot i’d entered for it, nevermind the fact it’s tomorrow.

        I’ll make it, don’t worry. I’ll get thumped though, unfortunately. Could just ask for the book for Christmas in that case. In fact, I’ll order it now…

      • Guess it’s lucky I posted the participants list then!

        It’s a deal, Kivi. If someone forgets to show up, and you’re about, I’ll drop you a line.

      • Yup! Very happy you posted this list

  7. I’m glad it’s tomorrow, I’m working 5.30 until 11.30 tonight and would never have made it. xD
    Sounded like a fun event and I haven’t posted much but it’s always seemed pretty cool on here, and I love Uncharted. ^_^

  8. I better starting practising. I haven’t played online since the early access before it was released :D

    Good luck all.

  9. What???? How did I miss this :(

  10. Should be fun :) I have an awesome team, Bodachi is the highest ranked player on my friends list so I can expect him to swing our team to win meaning I should do well…hopefully.

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