Gnome Curling In Home

Our more northern correspondents are being buffeted by the wind today but over in PlayStation Home it’s snowing.


To celebrate the festive period Home is getting patched to version 1.6 which includes groundbreaking features such as ‘having more furniture’ and ‘a nicer help system’.

Christmas in Home will also bring the joys of Gnome Curling.

Novus Prime is celebrating its birthday (it’s a game in Home, not a Transformer) by giving away some free items and having a sale.

Before we conclude this item can we just take it for granted that someone will post the following in the comments:

  1. Home! What a waste of space.
  2. Tried it once, deleted it.
  3. Why doesn’t the European Home have all the same features as the U.S. version?
  4. I hate Home.

I’m not a massive fan of Home but do you know what? It’s free and I occasional load it up just to see what’s new and play a few games, some of which are quite impressive.

Tonight I shall investigate Gnome Curling. I presume it will be a mythical creature themed version of the Olympic sport but you never know, it could involve bendy pixies.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. I may try it out later once the RAGE demo has downloaded. :) Plus, why can’t we be naked in Home? I only want to run accross Home naked and be naked in the TSA photo meet. :P

    • That would make my day. Just dancing away to no music in home and next minute a naked (and alone) Steven just wonders past, quite non plussed!!

  2. Gnome curling, they should get that going during London 2012, though I’m guessing it is a winter sport.

    • gnome pin bowling?

      • Awesome, gnome-put and gnomevelin might work too.

      • gnome vault.

        the world record currently stands at 2 feet 3 inches. ^_^

  3. Really should try Home again. Haven’t been on in like 18months but it seems like its finally heading in the right direction. Gnome curling sounds fun.

    • Same here, what’s putting me off is I’ve just got a replacement PS3 so there will be a lot of downloading to be done.

  4. I used to enjoy stacking furniture so more furniture could be interesting. :D

    Gnome Curling – isn’t that tantamount to Dwarf-Tossing? :O

    • You should never toss your dwarf in public ;)

  5. If it doesn’t involve bendy pixies, I’m going to be disappointed now. All games should involve bendy pixies. Or a magical unicorn called Bernard.

  6. Playstation Home is crying out for pets like The Sims Pets. A trendy dog in your handbag anyone?

    • Its got them. You can have any number of virtual creatures following you about – dogs, cats, a thing a box.

  7. “Weirdest. Headline. Ever.”

    not on TSA it’s not, not by a long shot. ^_^

    anyway, i’ll give it a go, but if i suck at it i may never play it again.

  8. “buffeted by the wind today”

    Understatement of the year. It’s mental here (Glasgow). I’ve not played on home in a while but always found it quite fun, just sometimes feel like it doesn’t have much focus, or need. Maybe one day they will change that.

  9. Give Sony their due, they really hav put the effort into keeping Home going and interesting!

    Then again I haven’t been on it for ages now myself.

    • I still have my criticisms, but then it is still in beta, although I doubt it will ever become what I hoped it would be.

  10. YES! This must be tried out! I wonder when Elven Darts will be made? And Dwarf Tossing.

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