Man From OnLive Would Like OnLive To Be On PS4

[drop2]“If they decide they want to use our technology,” says OnLive’s rather smart UK end of level boss, Bruce Grove, referring to Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles, “that would be a great discussion because we’ve already got the infrastructure.”

“We know how to do it,” he continued. ” There are a lot of things we could bring to the table and they could bring to the table. It would certainly be a discussion we would love to have. It would be very interesting.”

If I had made a platform that could, in theory, be used by more people than are currently using it, I’d be keen too.

“For us, it broadens our market,” he said. And get this – OnLive was already running on PS3 before, yep, Sony took out Linux.  “It was really easy for us to get a client installed and running on it.”

“We never released it,” he said, which we can confirm by not actually being able to see it, “but it was kicking around in our building at the time just so we could prove to ourselves we could do this and make this kind of thing happen.”

It’s fairly obvious to me that the next generation of consoles will at least offer up cloud-based game streaming, even if it’s in addition to the rather antiquated rusty old disk format.

Just think about it: no patches, no install times, no worrying about space monkeys scratching the Blu-rays.  Or is that just me?


  1. If it’s in addition to disc based media then fine, if it’s instead of… I’m out.

  2. The issues with a current console manufacturer making this move is it’d completely trash their business model. There are new possibilities I could see (such as shifting the licensing model to OnLive, so pubs have to pay MS a cut to get it onto 360 OnLive).

    I’d like to see it though, although probably in tandem with disk based games, I’m not sure our net’s fast enough to have me and djhsecondnature on it.

  3. “Just think about it: no patches, no install times…”

    And no high-quality video. No thanks.

    I’ve got OnLive installed on my PC, and while it is actually better than I expected, the video is not up to standard, with colours appearing dull and the image clearly suffering from all the issues which compression creates.

    Currently, there is no way I would ever choose to play a game via OnLive over a local copy.

    I’m also still dubious about OnLive’s T&Cs, since I once read that games you purchased – even at full RRP – would be available “until AT LEAST” some future date. Which implies that even games you’ve paid £50 for may be taken away from you at some point in the future, regardless of whether you’re finished with them or not.

    So I’d much rather have my “antiquated rusty old disk format”, thanks. At least then, no-one but me decides when I get rid of my games.

    • I chatted to the guys at OnLive about this. Basically they have no intention of ever taking a game away from players, it’s just something they have to include because of the terms of their licenses with publishers. They don’t ever see it actually coming into play, but it’s just a legal condition they have to have.

      I do understand where you’re coming from though.

      • but even if they actually mean that, there are still other ways you can be denied your games, if your internet goes down, if onlive go out of business.
        then you effectively have no game.

        i will always choose a local copy, preferably on a disc, but even downloads would be a better choice than this.

      • What if they went bust though, you would be stuffed

      • Surely at some point they’ll remove games to pay less money to severs or hard drives? I don’t have a clue how anything works, but the more games they have, the more money they probably pay. The way I look at it, I can go and get my PS2 out the cupboard and play ssx tricky if I want, with this, surely when they remove the older games that I’ve paid for, I’ll get mad cause it’s no longer there. If they can confirm that they’ll NEVER delete a game, then I’m happy, but it seems impossible to me.

  4. In the same way that the PSPGo failed with it’s game download only methods, cloud gaming on console would fail too. My ISP’s limit of 20GB per month instantly stops me for using such a service.

  5. Oh yeah, let’s reduce the PS4 to a crappy streaming box where patches (and CPUs and GPUs for that matter) are irrelevant concepts… Wake up people. If you buy a PS4 to run OnLive, you are idiots beyond redemption.

    • How nice and inspiring of you, kind sir!

  6. I don’t think OnLive will have a big impact on cloud-based gaming in general. I guess the only thing really to do is give it a few years and see the results, if it works then that might be something for Sony and MS to consider in their next gen consoles.

  7. I will always prefer the majority of my games on disc and the odd one on download. The day it all goes digital will be a sad day for me.

    • digital? lol I meant download only

    • Oh i’d rather have all of my games as infinitely-redownloadable downloads. The point is in having a local copy.

  8. hope not thought the point was you do not need a console think there realising physical media has a lot more life left in it.
    hope PS4 NextBox has a demo stream that would be about all I would use it for.

    • Streaming demos would be a great implementation. I usually just skip demos because I’m too lazy to download them. If I want to try a game I would want to try it out the moment I found out about it, not a few hours later.

  9. I’d love a hybrid system that has the best of both worlds. I’d still buy games on disc but if there was a sale for an older game that I’m semi interested in then I’d be quite happy to instantly get into the action or just rent it for a few days for cheap.

    • Basically that’s how it is today?

      • Only if you have a PS3 and an active OnLive account? I’m talking about including both in one gaming system. No need for an extra OnLive mini console or a PC that runs OnLive games through a software. I’d love to have a small OnLive icon in my games section of the XMB that simply loads up the OnLive store where I’d be able to get into the action without downloading anything and preferably paying through the PSN account.

  10. don’t forget no owning the games you buy.

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