Man From OnLive Would Like OnLive To Be On PS4

[drop2]“If they decide they want to use our technology,” says OnLive’s rather smart UK end of level boss, Bruce Grove, referring to Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles, “that would be a great discussion because we’ve already got the infrastructure.”

“We know how to do it,” he continued. ” There are a lot of things we could bring to the table and they could bring to the table. It would certainly be a discussion we would love to have. It would be very interesting.”


If I had made a platform that could, in theory, be used by more people than are currently using it, I’d be keen too.

“For us, it broadens our market,” he said. And get this – OnLive was already running on PS3 before, yep, Sony took out Linux.  “It was really easy for us to get a client installed and running on it.”

“We never released it,” he said, which we can confirm by not actually being able to see it, “but it was kicking around in our building at the time just so we could prove to ourselves we could do this and make this kind of thing happen.”

It’s fairly obvious to me that the next generation of consoles will at least offer up cloud-based game streaming, even if it’s in addition to the rather antiquated rusty old disk format.

Just think about it: no patches, no install times, no worrying about space monkeys scratching the Blu-rays.  Or is that just me?



  1. The death of disc based media is inevitable.

    • Not until everyone has decent broadband it isn’t.

      When that does happen, if consoles go the way of downloads/streaming only, i won’t be participating. I like my physical media & i don’t imagine that i am alone in that thought.

  2. My internet conneciton isn’t even close to good enough for OnLive…

  3. How is no one concerned about the controller lag induced from streamed games? We bang on about the importance of reducing controller lag on consoles (16ms for 60fps games like CoD and 33ms for 30fps games) but streamed games will have to be at least twice as laggy, and that’s assuming your have an excellent connection in the first place.

    No thanks OnLive, not interested.

    • You’d be suprised how well onlinve actually works! It’s scary almost that the technology exists!

      • There is still additional latency associated with streaming the game via the internet – much like online multiplayer – but worse because there is no client side processing at all. THEN you add in controller lag. If it feels ok, it’s smoke and mirrors – trust me there has to be additional lag there over a standard console based game. For some games this might be inconsequential, but for many (like my favourite… driving sims) it would be intolerable.

  4. Neat that they got it working in OtherOs but when you consider that Linux under OtherOs performs like win 98 on a pentium 2 i wonder just how well it performed. Anyway, no matter as I just can’t get my head around the idea of paying for streaming anything.

  5. Cloud gaming’s the future whether we want it or not. Right now, they can more or less match the console experience for significantly less. In 5 years, you may not be able to build a $2000 PC that matches the visual experience.

    • the consumer is king so if we do not want it no future really.

      rather have a console every time would rather have a download every time than a streamed game.

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