More On “The Last Of Us” – With Bonus Uncharted 3 Nod

Sick of The Last Of Us yet?  Remember, it’s the PS3 Exclusive ‘You Won’t Believe’, has something do with ants, zombies, infection and – naturally – Sony, and is set to be revealed tomorrow night during Spike TV’s VGAs.

Which, if we’re lucky, might also feature some awards.


You’ll have seen the initial reveal tease, references to the game on the US Blog and some screens, but more has leaked out overnight via an Italian site (and in particular, a podcast).  Translated by good friend of ours and owner of iWaggle3D, the podcast says:

  • The game is set in the near future
  • Ants are responsible for infecting people – some die, some become zombies.
  • The infection hits central US first (Texas, New Mexico)
  • It’s due to non-authorised experiments in secret installations in South America, starting on vegetation first, then ants
  • Ants see man as a menace/threat.
  • It’s first person view.

We can’t verify any of this, of course, but at least it doesn’t sound particularly far fetched given the clues.  Pinch of salt, guys.

And whilst we’re here, Uncharted 3 fans might also like this – looks like Naughty Dog were in on the whole ‘nasty fungus’ thing long before Keighley started trolling us all with videos of zombie ants and pictures of foliage.

“Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus,” says the newspaper left in plain sight in the game’s London pub.  You can see it in the video above.

We did some digging ourselves yesterday and rather than anything meaningful, came up with some amusing anagrams of The Last Of Us instead.

  • Asshole Tuft
  • Hateful Toss
  • Sofa Shuttle
  • A Thefts Soul
  • Fat Hose Slut

Slick, huh?

If nothing else, Geoff’s done his job well, and the VGAs have been kept in the public line for a good while, with many tuning in just to see what on earth this game is all about.



  1. The Last of US as in the last of the USA?

    Disappointed it isn’t giant ants like the movie Them.

    • No, us as in you and me.

      • I realise that, I was suggesting maybe they have been deliberately obscure (in the same way as with the anagrams) and it actually means US as in USA.

        Still disappointed about the ants…

  2. Awesome anagrams!

  3. Nice one nofi, I’ve just choked on my cup of tea at asshole tuft! That is funny stuff right there. :)

    • I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything, those anagrams are golden!

  4. Anagrams is a great way to do teasers, Sony should look into this. Although I’m pretty sure any game with Sofa Shuttles would be awesome on its own…

    • …and any game with asshole tufts really wouldn’t D:

  5. Anyone else totally bored with zombie games now, and desperate for something new and original. No, just me then.

    • me too

      • me three! They’re very overused, I’d like a good vampire game about now.

      • @Bacon_nuts: inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood is there for you. I’d like a Buffy-ish game, one where you’d slay lots of demons and vampires and stuff.

      • I know, it looks pretty good, but you obviously didn’t read my mini review of infamous 1 for weview. It was not positive. I think that looks pretty good, but don’t get on with infamous, so probably a miss. Thanks anyway!

  6. Zombie ant killing first person shooter MMO.
    ZAKFPSMMO. Just rolls of the tongue. Remember, you heared it here first! :D

  7. ‘Asshole Tuft’ I knew. I knew it all along. This is all some wacked-out conspiracy

  8. Almost not farfetched enough. Feel like anyone could have made up that stuff just by seeing all of the teaser stuff.

    Also, Tasteful Ho’s, heh.

    • Tasteful Ho’s rock! Much better than Distasteful Ho’s.

  9. Cue millions of Uncharted 3 fans scourging the game for other Easter eggs relating to The last of us.

    not me though, ive got sleeping to do.

    (drawing tablet AND a trailer for TLOU, tomorrow could not be better)

  10. I’m not sure whether a game about Asshole Tufts will be too comertially viable. Fat hose sluts however….

    • It could be a sequel to the game “Privates”. :-P

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