New Journey Footage Shows Underground Ruins

Journey was TSA’s number one most anticipated game for 2011.  Sadly, thatgamecompany’s brave new adventure ended up being delayed and won’t see release until sometime next year.

Had you forgotten about it?  Well, since the beta stopped working some months back (I tried, a few times) I was wondering when were going to see or hear more on the game, thankfully a brand new video has surfaced which shows a different environment than the desert we were used to.


It’s glorious, the dark underground a world away from the three sections we saw earlier in the year.  Not just in terms of palette, there’s a certain sense of danger in the area shown, the difficulty apparently much higher and more platformy rather than puzzley.

If you want to read more about Journey, start here.

Via PSNStores.



  1. This looks amazing, almost underwaterish, fish, squid, and seaweed looking cloth. Cannot wait to play this!

  2. Any word of it’s release date?
    Early 2012 I would hope.

  3. What atmosphere! I can’t wait for this, I really can’t. I hope it’s early next year, otherwise I might explode.

  4. Certainly looks intriguing. Colour me intesrested plus thatgamecompany have made some class games thus far.

  5. Definitely high on my list and great to see a different environment. This is one game where the online really appeals to me. In the beta because of the limited communication between players it felt almost like i was playing alongside another character from that universe rather than another online player and that character will vary depending how cooperative/helpful/in need of help the other player is. It’s hard for me to explain but you’ll get what i mean when you play it for yourself. It’s a very different online experience for sure.

  6. Wow that looks beautiful. Very interesting to see new environments, and looking forward to this very much. I’m guessing once again this will rank highly on TSA’s top 100 of 2012, just like 2011.

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