Eutechnyx Opening Publishing Office In London

Eutechnyx, developers of Nascar The Game 2011 and Ferrari: The Race Experience, has announced that it will be opening a new publishing office in London.

The office will be used to support Eutechnyx’s upcoming free to play racing game, Auto Club Revolution, which will have an open beta go live in February 2012 before the full launch later in the year.


Darren Jobling, Chief Operating Officer of Eutechnyx, said in a statement that company is “building a dedicated publishing team to support the global launch of Auto Club Revolution in key markets around the world.”

“Our strategy is to secure the best people from the online games industry, and London gives us great access to an amazingly rich talent pool.”

He continued, “The development team in the North East of the UK includes some of the best people in the sector, and the opening of a London office will allow us to attract the right calibre of candidate to build a team with the publishing power behind it that the game deserves.”

Eutechnyx is also currently hiring for various roles to build the team including roles in the creative area as well as more administrative jobs. If you’re interested you can apply for a job here.

Source: Press Release



  1. This is good news, especially after the latest round of cuts.

  2. Do they need a Finance Manager/Director? I want to work in the gaming industry :(

    I didn’t think there was a stand-alone NASCAR game since GT5 got the licence, my mistake.

    • I think they were advertising a position for it. If they are apply.

      • Thanks – I should take a proper look. I just assumed it would be all technical guys :)

  3. Great when people are hiring instead of all these cuts. Mojang are too, expansion, expansion..

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