Mario Joins Just Dance 3

Not content with dominating racing, platforming and sports titles on the Nintendo Wii, Mario now has his sights set on the dance genre and will be available as DLC for Just Dance 3.

He looks terrifying.


The DLC will be released Wednesday for those who have 250 Wii Points and no shame.

Source: YouTube



  1. I think my skin is actually trying to crawl off my body.

    That is frighteningly lame

  2. Wow, that is incredibly crap. I have never listened to the Mario theme song and thought to myself ” i should dance to this or airband to it”. Plus, i didn’t know that the Wii could have DLC. :O The only thing that would be worse then this would be a list of Justin Bieber songs and Kris singing.(i’m joking Kris)

    • “i didn’t know that the Wii could have DLC”
      Its just been introduced on the 3DS via a firmware update so I can only assume they have done the same for the Wii.

    • Its had them for ages with other ol’ music games

  3. WANT!*

    *…like a hole in the head

  4. Thank Luigi, that its blocked here.

  5. Luigi just became the cool one

  6. That looks like my first attempts at an LBP level, possibly worse.

  7. is there any genre left that doesn’t have mario shoehorned in somewhere?

  8. good lord and they say Sonic`s prostituting himself!

    • Is he? How much does he cost?

      I have a thing for blue spikes & red shoes…

      • i hear he`ll do ANYTHING for emeralds…..

      • Hmm, emeralds were pretty expensive last time I checked. :(

        Even better – I’ll just take a few animals hostage. I hear he goes nuts for those.

  9. Can’t watch the vid at work, but it is a crime if he is not dancing to Ambassadors of Funk!!

    • You don’t know how lucky you are not to be able to watch this.
      I think it is too embarrassing even for Ambassadors of Funk to want any involvement.

      • See, you are just making me want to watch it now! :D

  10. Kill it!

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