OtherOS Case Dismissed

A federal judge in the US has dismissed the last of the class action lawsuits against Sony. The legal cases were being conducted against the Japanese company in the wake of the OtherOS removal.

OtherOS was a system feature which allowed users to install a Linux operating system to a partition on their Sony PlayStation 3 hard disk. The function was used in one of the first security breaches suffered by the system and, earlier this year, Sony responded by forcing their customers who wish to connect to the PlayStation Network to give up OtherOS functionality.


US District Judge Richard Seeborg carried a motion to dismiss the case last Friday, saying:

The dismay and frustration at least some PS3 owners likely experienced when Sony made the decision to limit access to the PSN service to those who were willing to disable the Other OS feature on their machines was no doubt genuine and understandable. As a matter of providing customer satisfaction and building loyalty, it may have been questionable, as a legal matter, however, plaintiffs have failed to allege facts or articulate a theory on which Sony may be held liable

So, basically, the claimants (Sony’s customers) failed to give a valid reason why they had lost out due to Sony’s decision to remove the OtherOS functionality. There is scope within this ruling to amend their claim and return to legal action but it’s becoming difficult to see how consumers will be able to penetrate Sony’s legal defence that, beyond warranty, they’re under no obligation to continue to provide services.

Source: Courthouse news



  1. I was really annoyed when Sony did that as I genuinely found the PS3 a useful way to run a second PC for nothing! This ruling is a shame becasue Sony clearly aren’t bothered about screwing over the minority and legal action would be the only way they’d take any notice.
    Ah well, what can you expect of a large corporation I suppose.

    • Ditto. Got the feeling that I should stay away from the comments section on this one though. It’ll annoy me too much.

      • same here. i never used the option, but it was nice that i could if i wanted to. The thing that annoyed me the most is that you had the option of upgrading or not. which is fine. i dont really use PSN at all, so i could keep as is. but new games need the new FW just to boot up, and if the console is not on the correct FW the disk installs it for you… Meaning that unless you want an expensive linux box, you had to upgrade to play a game. (with or without PSN access features).

        If you could keep old FW and play all games from disks, but with no online content or modes, then fine. But litery forcing people to upgrade so they can game is bit cack imo

        “limit access to the PSN service to those who were willing to disable the Other OS” is not really what happened

  2. Seeing as Sony can do what they want with the product I paid for, it seems to be more their property than mine & it never really becomes my property. Perhaps I can ship it back to them for an exchange everytime a new SKU comes out?

    Sony’s legal team has played this very well from their point of view, it’s impossibly expensive to take them on, they know the countries & court systems within those countries that will be sympathetic to their PoV, so nice one Sony legal team. Sorry consumers

    • This ^

      It was a feature which set the console out from the competition slightly, a feature which probably did sway a few into buying it (even if just to show it off as a gimmick), so it played a part in the thought process when looking to buy.

      Then Sony take it away just like that.

      I dont understand why they have to give proof of ‘losing out’.
      Fact is the console was listed as doing X, people purchased expecting X, but now it only does Y.

      • It seems to hinge on the fact that the PSN is an ongoing service and Sony has no obligation to continue supporting it past the warranty period.

        If you want to keep OtherOS, you can but you can’t update the firmware to retain PSN access. So the only thing that OtherOS keepers lose out on is PSN access and that’s not a right under the sales terms of the console, beyond the warranty period, apparently.

        Sony would say that they never “removed” the feature – it’s still there in the consoles that shipped with it. But if you want to continue making use of their ongoing, free, improvements (endless firmware updates) then that functionality is no longer in those improved versions of the console.

        It sucks to be a consumer these days – everything is geared towards obfuscating your options and making it difficult to take on large companies.

      • Yeah but most games require updated firmware too don’t they?

        I’m sure I’ve played games that forced me to update before playing.

      • *sigh*
        Too many people seem to not know the difference between physical ownership of an item and licencing rights of an intellectual property.

        And unfortunately as the world is turning more digital I can only see similar scenarios repeating again and again.

      • yeah, things seem to be weighted in favour of the big corporations these days.

        for example, if that new clause in the ps3 license agreement is legal then they’ve just made sure they’re untouchable, they can do what they want with impunity.

        if it is legally binding then they’ve made sure that if they’ve wrong you in any way you can only make a legal challenge individually.
        and they know you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning against their teams of lawyers if you go up against them on your own.

        it’s sony giving the finger to the customer and saying “we’re untouchable”

        and now they’ve done the same thing with the xbox license.

        of course this sony defence won’t work for ms as live is a pay service.
        if people are paying for the service then ms are obligated to provide it.
        at least i’d hope so, ms probably have teams of lawyers looking for the tiniest loopholes they can squeeze through to avoid having to live up to their responsibilities.

        also, speaking of corporations overstepping their bounds.

        viacom made a copyright claim on naughty dog over the Last of us trailer.

        yes, viacom got the naughty dog trailer for the naughty dog game on the naughty dog youtube account removed.
        the most retarded thing was they even made a claim against the gametrailers.com account, a site they own apparently.

        seems because they own spiketv, they think that gives them ownership of everything shown on it.

        they should have their net access revoked, they’re violating copyright after all.
        they are trying to claim somebody else’s property as their own after all.
        that’s what piracy is, isn’t it?

        forget pirate bay, that makes viacom one of the worlds biggest pirate outfits.

        and these are the kinds of companies that want to be able to ban people from the net without any evidence?

        turns out Orwell was being conservative in his predictions.

      • Scythegpd, one thing you should know.

        LAW >>>>>>>>>>>> any license agreement.

        i don’t know why people keep bringing up the license agreement like it gives these companies free reign to do whatever they want.
        because it doesn’t, at least not yet, and if there is any justice, it never will.

      • I didn’t think I’d need to speell it out Hazelam but it seems I do.
        When I referred to licensing of intellectual property I was referring to the difference between owning something and having a license to use something.

        Take music for example. You buy a CD. You own the disk itself but you only license the track, you do not own them. You can do what you want with the disk, break it, scratch it, piss on it for all you ant.
        However the songs you can’t. You cant distribute them freely. You cant use them for commercial purposes. You can’t cut and remix them as you please.
        Same with movies
        Same with games
        You own the physical medium and can do what you want with that but you do not own the content, you just license it for a specific purpose you cannot do what you want with it (legally) as you do not own the content.

        Now people do do what they want with them (hence piracy) but that doesn’t make it legal.

      • Oh and one more thing:
        “LAW >>>>>>>>>>>> any license agreement.”

        Yeah … so wil you admit you’re wrong on the otherOS issue as the law sided with Sony? And they decided that Sony have acted within the boundaries of the law, hence no court case? Will you now admit that Sony, whilst not necessarily acting morally/ethically, acted within the boundaries of the law?

        Or does your comment only apply when it supports your status quo?

      • actually, a judge sided with sony, the law and judges have a tenuous relationship at the best of times.

        but let’s for the sake of argument assume that for once a judge decided fully in compliance with the rule of law.

        the judge stated that had they proved they had lost out because of the other os removal sony would have broken the law, they just didn’t prove that sufficiently well.

        and that no class action clause in their latest license, i hope that gets thrown out of court when sony try to use it to get a case dismissed.

        then they’ll be forced to remove it, and so will ms.

      • Heh, it quite sad that our hobby will almost definitely by the industry that tests whether or not the “don’t class action lawsuit us” clause is valid. In any other country but the US, the whole idea of it is laughable.

      • Urgh, I should proof read:
        it quite sad = it’s quite sad
        by the industry = be the industry

      • Well I lost out. My intention was that once the PS3 had ended its usable life as a game console I would use it as a linux machine (with whatever media center software I would have expected to be available by now had otheros stayed around). Sony effectively forced me to choose between losing that option (which did factor into me choosing ps3 over x360) or stop buying new games right away. And that pisses me off a lot, especially since it was all in a failed attempt to prevent piracy.

    • I cant get the original “blades” UI that came with my 360 when I bought it back in the day – does this mean I should sue microsoft?

  3. This is one of the reasons i’ll be slow on the next-gen uptake. Once bitten..

  4. I remember the day when Geohot announced he had hacked into the PS3 System via the other OS Feature.

    • Yeah if you want to blame anyone for this mess, blame that moron for forcing Sony to remove OtherOS. (And before someone replies “Omg your defending Sony your such an idiot1!1”, it’s obvious that Sony had no
      plans to remove OtherOS before Geohot effectively opened up the PS3 to exploits through the feature.)

      • Try finding a PS3 jailbreak that uses OtherOs, I dare ya ;P

  5. Why do i get the feeling that the hackers will give us a “present” this christmas because of this?

    I haven’t used the OtherOS(back when it was still an option) but i can understand why a lot of people would be upset as thy basically took away a feature that was advertised at the time.

    I think Sony are just trying to play it safe to avoid a surge in Piracy on the PS3 as the PSP ended up getting killed by it. That’s just my opinion though. I had completely forgotten about this case.

    • the thing is though, as always, it didn’t stop anything.

      it’s rare that any of these anti piracy measure are only effective against pirates, or if they’re in any way effective against pirates at all.

      most of the time the pirates are the one group unaffected.

      • are you even interested in the otherOS hazel or just the fact that it’s been removed??

      • i’m interested in an advertised feature being forcibly removed.

        but no, i never used the other os myself, i tried linux on pc and just couldn’t get the hang of it.

        but unlike some, i’m not just thinking of myself here.
        though in truth i’m not being 100% altruistic here, i’m also worried that one day they will remove a feature i do care about.

        what’s your interest in this matter?

      • my interest is that Sony done this for the right reasons

      • Hazel, do yourself a favour don’t worry about it, you wasn’t interested in this feature, it’s been removed so why worry or even think about it!

        Your comments would be valid AND WILL BE VALID, why they remove something that your actually concerned about, cross bridges once they’ve been built and not before… well that’s how I live!

      • True but see it from a bussiness point of view. A well known Hacker has claimed to have Jailbroken your product and your product has a big flaw blown wide open by him. Do you sit back and hope that noone uses it for piracy or remove it? I would remove if that was the only choice. If i was Sony, i would have removed and replace it with a more sercure one that still allows homebrew but eliminates the chances of piracy. :)

  6. go sony.

    i feel sorry for the people who have so little to do in their lives that they have time to sue for something this stupid…

    if i was the judge i would have ordered the stupid plaintiff to pay all costs involved.

  7. “So, basically, the claimants (Sony’s customers) failed to give a valid reason why they had lost out due to Sony’s decision to remove the OtherOS functionality.”

    Firstly that should be caveated with “the claimants (in this instance infintesmally small minority of Sony’s customers)” for accuracy.

    Secondly that’s exactly where the issue lies, nobody really lost out, did they? Nobody had an item that lost value, nobody lost any money due to the decision. The price of the console didn’t even depreciate.
    Pretty much all laws and rights of consumers centre around the item performing the PRIMARY purpose of said item, being the MAIN reason a customer purchased said item.
    Sony gave people a choice, you can either upgrade and continue playing games or you can not upgrade and continue using OtherOS. You could no longer do both, either or, choose your purpose.
    And that’s where all this hullaballoo was flawed from the start, if your PRIMARY reason for purchase was to use OtherOS then you still could, if your PRIMARY reason for purchase was for gaming then you still could. There can only be one primary purpose and you had to choose what that was. Trying to prove that the primary purpose was both is pretty much impossible.

    And I still love how many people still seem to crucify Sony on this yet overlook that fact that if it wasn’t for people trying to hack into the system using OtherOS then OtherOS wouldn’t have been removed, cause and effect.
    But then again that’s just a reflection of the modern “entitlement” society where everyone seems to think the world owes them a favour and they can recite all their rights but none of their responsibilities. Who me guv? Never harmed a fly m’lord.

    • Agreed.

      Also think of all the good stuff that comes from updates, my PS3 is worth more to me now than it was originally. 3D Bluray, 3D Games, Home, iPlayer and Lovefilm etc.. the list goes on.

    • that’s ironic.

      we have an unjust sense of entitlement because we want the products we buy to perform the tasks they were promised to be able to perform, yet these corporations do everything they can to take away our rights over OUR PROPERTY.
      and they’re bloody heroes?

      you know, what’s really disturbing to me is how there is this stockholm syndrome going round where people will not only defend these faceless corporations that violate our rights but will actually praise them for it.

      like we’re just some exploitable resource and we should just be grateful we even get something back for our money and should be thankful for the honour of giving these companies our money, because everybody knows they have a god given right to it don’t they?

      and the PRIMARY reason?
      that’s all you think is important?

      so if, you buy a three bedroom house that has the promised three bedrooms but no utilities, you have no rights because the three bedrooms are the primary use?
      that’s right, right?

      don’t be bloody ridiculous.

      or if they take away the bluray playback, nothing i can do then under your logic, because it’s primarily a games console right?

      • And Hazelam ” if, you buy a three bedroom house that has the promised three bedrooms but no utilities, you have no rights because the three bedrooms are the primary use?” is probably the most absurd analogy I have ever seen.

        Not only is the housing market completely different to consumer electronics but again it shows that you do not understand the difference between physical ownership and the usage rights of intellectual property.

        In fact I have made a decision, especially in this are of discussion. I now refuse to reply to anyone until they can demonstrate that they konw the difference between physical ownership and intellectual propertly. Because those that don’t are already a lost cause …

      • In UK law at least, that’s very little difference. I’m actually guessing that you’ve heard someone else talk about this and are just parroting what you’ve heard, because what you’re saying doesn’t really mean much.

        In the UK, anything that you purchase is subject to the Supply of Goods and Services Act, if you purchase something (or are supplied something as part of a service), it must be fit for the purpose for which is was supplied.

        Section 11F (2.abc)

        I’d wager that there is a similar US law. Oh and before you say it, contracts can’t go around laws (for example, if Sony said that they have the right to murder you their ToS, it wouldn’t be a valid term).

      • I’m pretty certain a high end Lawsuit has more than just 1 webpage googled for there outcome on there decision, you know with top end solicitors on both sides being paid lots of money to each with there own case.

      • *each win not each with

      • To be fair, I don’t know anything about US law, though this case wasn’t actually taken to court. According to what I can see, it was thrown out due to a lack of evidence (a good thing, because it means that no seriously scary precedents were set), which says more about the prosecutor than the law.

        Also, I didn’t google it, I had to do a module at Uni concerning laws applicable to the profession, so we didn’t do anything that might get us sued. Let’s just say that this whole Sony thing would’ve gotten us a massive fail in that module.

        It’s a shame that there’s no real reason to take Sony to court with consumer driven UK laws. Since there’s no such thing as a class action law suit here, all you can do is take Sony to civil court, and who can be bothered with facing Sony lawyers for a few quid? And when I say a few quid, I mean that the damages would be fairly small, only when a class action suit comes up (demanding a per consumer fine) is something actually done about a problem.

    • Lol, you know, weirdly, you are sometimes entitled to things. Shocking I know. Not always, but such as in instances where you pay for something, you are then actually entitled to have that something.

      As I typed this, I realized that I’ve actually had to tell someone this before, honestly, it makes me sad for the world.

      And damn it, I said I wouldn’t read these comments, just really rubs me the wrong way when people are willing to ignore stuff because it doesn’t directly affect them.

      • I don’t recall paying for otherOS on launch day. I’ve looked all over my invoice and all over my PS3 box and I can’t find and mention of otherOS anywhere on any of them. I certainly can’t find any premium I had to pay to permit the use of otherOS
        Oh, that’s right, that’s because the primary purpose of buying my PS3 was to play games.

        I konw, I konw, I must be some kind of wierdo. Buying a PS3 primarily to play games, the mere thought of it is astounding!

      • That doesn’t make any sense! If that’s the criteria, Sony could remove half of the console:
        All media playback capabilities
        USB port functionality (maybe only allow the PSEye)
        Web browser (including iPlayer, Youtube, etc.)

        Hell, might aswell remove surround sound and HD resolutions, since they’re not necessary. Your argument just makes no sense whatsoever. Thing like games consoles are unnecessary in general, why is it your choice (or Sonys) which parts of them I need?

        Why don’t you just say that you don’t care about Linux, and you don’t care about the people who do? It’s fine, you can tell the truth, Sony really doesn’t need your protection…

      • if you bought your ps3 before a certain point, you absolutely did pay for the other os feature.

        your logic fails me here, there was no premium for the other os?
        yeah, that’s true, but that is because it was part of the purchase price, whether you cared for it or not is irelevant, you paid for it.

        and how hypocritical are you being, we’ve got this sense of entitlement, but that’s wrong even though we paid for these items.
        yet you’re taking to ludicrous moral high ground because it’s something you don’t care about.

        what about when it is something you care about?

      • lol uhyve weakest argument ever! is actually cringe worthy on so many diffrent levels.

      • Okay, that’s actually fine, any explanation as to why though? Or are you just going to say that it’s a bad argument and not going to come up with a counter?

  8. good even if its just one way to help keep our consoles Safe and secure I’m happy with that all day long. Just use a pc if your that desperate for linux not exactly rocket science in my book

  9. scythe many a man has had the fortune of having a conversation with hazel about this subject and trust me you wont ever be right

    • did somebody hear a squeak?

      has TSA tower got rats?

      • No just a TSAer who enjoys TSA for its articles and very small polite debates on thus articles.

        Makes me laugh even more as you couldn’t actually post something worthwhile more than just that! pathetic and boring.

        why don’t you start protests outside all of these company’s and genuinely try and fight what your fighting for instead of dumbing down genuine sites like TSA with your posts that you’ve been doing for months now. I’m not looking for an argument as I’m not interested in your reply but please why don’t you take you efforts to a higher level than online forums!

        Sorry if I sound rude, but please do something more than attacking anyone who disagrees with you on here, it’s just a waste of your time and anyone who is pro or con about a certain subject. It goes from a friendly debate to full on war whenever I read you comments it’s just sad to read that’s all!

        sorry again if I’ve said something wrong it’s just my opinion and I think I’m right with my good intentions, not for the subject but for the nice polite and why I read it TSA!

      • fatty – you made this personal by singling out hazelam so don’t then get annoyed when she reacts in such a negative way.

        hazel – count to ten first, eh? One thing fatty is right about is that comments like that certainly don’t help the situation…

        Now, group hug?

      • message was aimed at a certain member And sorry no group hug I can only do that with members who can have a 2 sided genuine friendly hearted debate about a subject! with neither feeling like the other has no interest in what the other user is saying with out taking in some sort of reason for their comments,

        almost seems like you condone hazels actIons and comments, it’s very sad to see that from a person who helps run the site!! very very sad.

      • sorry again,

        I aimed my message at one member in a light hearted genuine opinion, replied to rudely by another member i mentioned and know you feel need to comment collassalblue, why exactly??

        I will stop commenting soon as my opinions are starting to come a cross as trolling when they genuinely aren’t

      • I’ll stop commenting as I have done for months now, I’ll juat read the bullshit that is posted and carry on, it’s not worth the time or day for me anymore. I’ll just stick to the articles from now on which TSA is all about, not the comments!!

      • fatty what are you doing? just calm it down. Getting so worked up over nothing. If you don’t agree with someone’s comment don’t bother replying.
        I have never used Linux on my PS3, but what I can read from the article was that the feature of Other OS was used during the hack. So it justify’s it’s removal.

      • I agree with with everything you’ve said! Ill go back to just reading and not commenting I think lol

      • got to say it, you say I shouldn’t reply if I don’t agree with someone’s comments….. fuckin hell lol this thread would be pretty much empty and many others if all users has to act that way! lol jokes.

        Last comment Now until I have a boring comment that no one has any interest in replying to that is unbiased and does comment on someone else comments, might as well remove the “reply to button” to other users comment if your not allowed to disagree with someone,

        Merry Xmas TSAers!

      • You know what I meant so don’t bother, that’s just tedious.

  10. Don’t like it? Don’t connect your PS3 to PSN and you can have all the otherOS you want.

    Don’t understand all you people saying you don’t want piracy and don’t want to the PS3 to be hacked, but yet you complain about SONY removing one of it’s major breaches.

    Yeah I feel cheated that they took out something I paid for…but so what? I never used it, and what am I going to do? Sue them?…o wait…

    • “Don’t understand all you people saying you don’t want piracy and don’t want to the PS3 to be hacked, but yet you complain about SONY removing one of it’s major breaches.”

      That logic is fundamentally flawed.

      The OtherOS feature was an advertised part of the PlayStation 3 I purchased. I paid for it, just like I paid for the WiFi chipset that I’ve also never used (I go ethernet). I’d be livid if Kaz Hirai popped round at the weekend and pulled out my WiFi, wouldn’t you?

      By your logic, it’s okay for Vauxhall to come and take the spare tyre out of the car they sold me because they were once robbed by a team of people using tyres on their getaway car.

      Aside from all the funny analogies, it’s a consumer rights issue. If the only way Sony can prevent their own loss is to impinge the rights of their consumers then I believe we should, as a society, be telling them to suck it up and take the losses themselves. Otherwise we’ve failed to draw a line and big companies will continue to push for even fewer consumer rights.

      For the record, I did use OtherOS. I don’t particularly miss it because it was utterly shit on the PS3 but it was still a part of the package I paid for.

      • so you didn’t like Linux on the ps3 collassalblue …. what’s the problem?

        you didn’t like it, it’s been removed …..and then……hmmm what?

        Theresa few functions I don’t like and have no interest in in my console, if they removed them that’s fine as a user who doesn’t like the features I would haven’t a problem, or should I? just because they removed them and that’s what ie paid for! (something I dont like and wont user)

        I get so confused!?

        are people unhappy with:

        a) they removed the feature that thus user was interested in And used or…
        b) the fact they removed something that thus user isn’t interested in and it boils down to a “why have you taken this away from. me”

        It reminds me of a Simpsons where Lisa explains that when someone can’t have something that Bart and magie kick up a fuss about it, but when they have it there not interested in it!

      • I’ve just got it and understand why I’ve got certain articles misunderstood!! I thought the articles were ment to be unbiased by the writers but their not, sorry Peter for the misunderstanding!

      • there is a word, i feel it’s appropriate here.
        that word is principle.

        it’s the principle that’s important here.

        the principal that you get what you paid for.
        if you’re promised certain features you should get those features.

        whether i care about them or not and whether 99% of the users care or not, so long as people are not getting what they paid for, i care.

        and, “they did it to stop the ps3 getting hacked” is a poor defense when it did no such thing.
        the ps3 got hacked, and because sony got all litigious over this geohot clown the psn got hacked.

        sony have been paranoid about piracy since the ps1 days, and they’ve regularly removed features on their machines, it’s just before they had to take them off new versions of the hardware, this is the first time they’ve been able to remove features of a users current machine.

        letting that go without a fight would set a very dangerous precedent.

      • your word is principal
        my word is gaming

        merry Xmas hazel have a good one!

      • Ahhh but Peter, there’s a massive difference there. The otherOS removal is a software removal that is removed by a firmware update that you don’t have to update to if you want continue to use OtherOS. If it was an actual piece of hardware, i.e. the wireless card and it was simply impossible to use wi-fi, that’s a different story. The main problem with this lawsuit is that the removal of OtherOS is contingent with you wanting to use PSN. You aren’t simply just entitled to use PSN just because you’ve bought the system as it is a service rather than a piece of hardware and therefore if Sony require the removal of a feature for you to use it, they’re perfectly entitled to do so, as per the law. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is.

        People simply need to understand that this just doesn’t infringe on your rights, by law.

      • I can’t believe I said that I’d try to avoid the comments section, I just can’t help myself. Sorry if I’m making anything harder for the moderators, this is me being nice, I promise.

        But seriously, @fattyuk, I do understand where you’re coming from, I really do, I feel the same way about piracy, it’s hurting developers and since I like people developing games, I don’t want them to get hurt. But in this case, the people who are “against” the developers are legitimate customers, so in a way I’m sure you can see the difference here, even if it may not effect you at all.

        Just because you do not see the value in something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t valuable. That’s all the argument really boils down to here, we don’t need to start arguing about law, or even if any of us see the value in the feature, because someone does.

        Sony took something away, some people cared about it, you don’t, it’s not a big deal to you, and that’s fine. But for those people who do care, it is kind of a big deal, and then there’s the people who are standing up for the folks who had the feature taken away and that’s really nice aswell.

        I kind of feel like I should at least tell you about some of the cool stuff that your PS3 could do. Like play SNES (and other) games, full screen on your TV, with your wireless controller, or have access to a good web browser (you can even plug in a mouse), you could playback every type of media over your network (not just the ones with codecs supplied with the PS3). I know that there is alot more, but that’s all I used OtherOs for, so that’s all I can really tell you. Can you really going to tell me that Sony didn’t take even a few pennies worth of value from my PS3? Just pennies, that’s all you need to say, then maybe we can find some common ground…

      • Yeeeeaaaaaah a nice comment on this thread. Who’d have thought this thread would have blown up so much…..? :P

      • I’m not sure but some newer games require a certain FW version to run on your PS3, right? If so then by keeping OtherOS and losing the PSN, you also lose the ability to play newer games on your console, which is the main purpose of that machine. Just ignore my comment if I’m wrong, but if not, then please stop telling people that they have a choice.

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