Sorcery Details Revealed

It seems the curtain has lifted on PlayStation Move title, Sorcery.

Last seen at E3 2010, the game looks to have undergone quite the redesign, which has been confirmed by Brian Upton, design director in an interview with the PS Blog:


“Coming out of E3, we knew there were some things we weren’t happy with. We really wanted to re-tool the game’s look, its world.

We had the gameplay we wanted, but it just wasn’t ready for public consumption.”

It’s actually running on a modified version of the Unreal Engine. So, what about the story behind the game?

“The hero is Finn, he’s a sorcerer’s apprentice and a real hothead: he’s always trying to learn things he’s not ready to learn yet. When the game starts, your master’s magical talking cat, Erline, dares Finn into venturing into the realm of the dead. Finn, being the guy he is, can’t resist.

In the realm of the dead, you accidentally unleash something very, very bad. The consequences are dire for you and the entire world, so the quest is to undo the trouble you’ve caused. You also begin to realize the Erline is much more than a magical talking cat: she’s central to the whole problem that you’ve created.

You’re cast somewhat in the role of Erline’s protector, you’re trying to get her from the human world to the heart of the faerie world to fix this problem.”

The game has an interesting feature that will let you combine spells, with the example used being a “Firenado”, which is a combination of fire wall and cyclone magic.

Sorcery has a planned release of spring 2012.

The entire interview can be watched below:

Source: PS Blog



  1. YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!! :) It looks brilliant, I like the new look to it and will hopefully get this around my birthday :)

  2. With my past move experiences I’m not gonna hold my breath for this one.

  3. It does still exist then…

  4. Looks like the Moves killer app to me. Shame it’s so late in arriving.
    I felt like it’s announcement was met with more enthusiasm than most people were expecting and so the silence since then had been because the developer felt a pressure and need to make the game into something more than it currently was. While that’s obviously partly true from what’s said in the interview, I kindof expected more noise for this re-reveal but it feels quite low key and is almost lost amongst the ongoing VGA hype with TLoU and MGR.

  5. About time there was a decent bespoke Move game. I was a really enthusiastic early adopter, but in truth I have been left disappointed. If Tiger Woods 13 and Grand Slam Tennis end up with poor implementation I shall give up and sell it all.

    • If you’re looking for a move golf game, get john daly prostroke, move implementation really good and its cheap as chips now.

  6. Must admit that I kinda expected Medieval Moves to be the first move “killer app” when it came out – especially as you can get it from Amazon for under £10 (and no review yet, TSA?).

    But I am definitely looking forward to this. They seem to have spent a lot of time working on the use of the controller, so hopefully that will help make it more of an immersive experience. And I liked the graphics before, but am equally impressed by the new look.

  7. Looks alright but there’s no way I would buy a Move for it.

  8. So they turned a kids game into a mature game? Way to go!

  9. Funny thing though, don’t you think that’d be perfectly playable with a conventional controller?

  10. Good that it will finally be released and its looking better.Great.

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