Star Wars Kinect Has Dancing Tournaments

The ESRB has rated Star Wars Kinect and have mentioned a dancing sequence withing the game.

In this action game, based on the Star Wars universe, players use their body movements to perform activities that include dance tournaments, podracing, and Jedi duels.

In the dancing mini-game, some female characters perform suggestive moves (e.g., gyrating their hips/buttocks) and wear revealing outfits (partially exposed cleavage/buttocks)

And now, especially for our dear leader Peter, the 2010 Star Wars Dance Off at Disney. I challenge anyone to watch more a minute of this without vomiting and whatever you do, do NOT fast forward to 13m 45s.

Source: ESRB



  1. Everyone that has anything to do with that video, including the morons cheering and clapping, should all be put in a big sack and kicked off a bridge.

    • Oh please, they deserve worse than that. I suggest starting with pulling fingernails.

      • Ahaha, tolerance and acceptance people!

      • To be fair, that’s more tolerance and acceptance than i would give! :D

    • No, each one in a sack with a baboon, snake and cat, the animals would go mental. Seriously though, I just feel sorry for those who had to go for this job cause they needed the cash (surely that’s the only reason anyone would?). It should never, ever, EVER have happened. Pity the cameraman too.

    • I this the amazing Kinect experience I keep hearing about, that basically always translates into jumping or waving and does very little else (apart from allowing you to talk to your telly “Xbox shut up”)

    • Or knocked out, taken to a warehouse, forced to listen to Darth Vader saying no then unleash a thousand drunk and angry kittens. They will die by a thousand cuts. Now if you excuse me, i’m going to build a time machine and stop George Lucas from creating the prequels. :P

  2. Thought you would enjoy it :)

  3. I just died inside…

  4. Help us PS Three Kenobi, you’re our only hope.

  5. Somebody kill it, please!

  6. Great… now how do I stop the bleeding from my eyes?

    • There are a few tips in Dead Space 2 ;)

  7. Someone hit the submit button without scheduling for 1st April?!

  8. “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened”
    Wise words Ben, wise words

  9. Well I laughed…

  10. In the words of Darth Vader. “NOOOOOOOOOO!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! eff you George Lucas, i quit!”.

    *watches a part of the video that Peter said not to watch and cries* Can someone give me the key to the TSA emergency wine and beer supply room?

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