Kinect Star Wars Launch Trailer Released

Microsoft has just released a launch trailer for Kinect Star Wars.

Featuring a builder pretending to lift stuff using the force, a man pretending his torch is a lightsaber, a boy pretending his skateboard is a Pod Racer and a lady controlling a Rancor. The trailer also shows gameplay elements and how they are controlled, though the dancing mini game does not make an appearance.

Kinect Star Wars launches April 3rd for Xbox 360.

Source: Press Release



  1. Well that sucked.

  2. Wouldn’t mind trying this, but no one I know has a kinect. But it does look like one of the best things that you could actually do on kinect

  3. Wow, that is one sucky trailer. I would rather play it with a controller to be honest.

  4. Ermm, yeah…

  5. That is one rubbish trailer. Plus, it seems that Star Wars:Kinect is as bad as i thought it would be. Noone acts that way. I’m pretty sure the builder would have had the p*ss take out of him for pretending to be a jedi.

    • So true about the builder.
      I usually use the force (ala these arent the droids your looking for!) to kid on I’m opening the train doors after I press the button, only when no ones watching though.

  6. So they release a trailer & leave out teh most controversial thing about the game… The dancing.

    Anyone who buys it based upon this & expecting to ‘feel’ like a jedi, is going to be a little annoyed/bemused/disappointed when it turns out that they have to wiggle their booty to the Mos Eisley Cantina song!

  7. Well, it looked kind of fun but I don’t ever see myself playing something which requires such physical exertion.

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