Star Wars Kinect Sounds Like an Atrocity

The press release just came through for Star Wars Kinect. It’s coming out on the 3rd of April and they’ve somehow seen justification in ramming a dancing game mode into it. I wish it was April the 1st.

Galactic Dance Off Mode is, according to the bile-summoning PR schtick, “loaded with Star Wars-themed pop tunes where those still honing their Jedi skills can take a break to battle Darth Vader on the dance floor”. It genuinely sounds like the worst thing anyone could ever have put in a video game to me. I don’t know, perhaps kids will adore throwing shapes with Jar Jar Binks but I can only imagine there being any joy if you get to pop and lock his skinny little neck.


Don’t panic though other, potentially less horrendous, game modes include the ability to take part in lightsaber duels, space battles and ride on speeder bikes. That almost sounds like it might not be completely awful.

So, April 3rd in the UK and £39.99 for the game. The limited edition R2-D2 Xbox 360, C3P0 controller and white Kinect (which I do really want) is set to cost £349.99 and includes a copy of the game. More tempting than the dark side of The Force.

Edit: It’s only fair to point out that Tuffcub broke this story months ago. I’d managed to expunge that from my memory and now I’m going to have to pay for another expensive course of hypnotherapy. Thanks.



  1. Missed it when tuffcub first broke the news a month ago.

    I’m not against a Star Wars dance game considering the way things have gone for the franchise, but it infecting another game which might, just might have had a chance of turning out OK, what a farce.

    • aw come on, how can you say that?

      this game was never gonna turn out OK. ^_^

    • But it’s OK, they will sell plenty of Star Wars themed consoles to braindead Americans off the back of this turd.

  2. Ho lee shit!
    This could be the most embarrassing thing in the entire world. Lucas clearly has absolutely no respect for the brand anymore

    • Exactly what my father said when he saw the Vodafone ad with Yoda in it. Just making a mockery of one of the best Fantasy worlds ever created its terrible.

      • Tis a shame lol. I expect to see Darth Vader on celebrity big brother next. Never expected anything from this. Still…would have rocked…a proper star wars beat em up with move and coop story campaign mode…

      • Also exactley what i said, well, shouted, when i saw it, why not just put some lipstick on him, shove him on a street corner and be done with it.

  3. Oh

  4. I feel a disturbance in the force…oh, never mind, its just Jabba the hutt doing the shuffle.

  5. I find your lack of groove disturbing.

  6. Perhaps we’ll see more dance modes, it might replace zombie hoard modes. Dance Fifa? Dance CoD?

    • The image of Rooney doing the lawnmower is perma-burned into my brain. Ta for that.

    • Karaoke cod.

      • They did it with Daytona!

      • Daaaaytona..

        No wonder they did it… catchy theme that may never be forgotten.

      • Indeed. It’s that catchy its now stuck in my head!

  7. “Thats no moon… it’s a turgid piece of crap”

  8. I’m with Chewbacca on this one.

  9. Some of the best #starwarsdancesongs

    An Obi-Wan Bites The Dust
    Anything by jABBA
    You Bespin Me Round (Like a Record)
    Total Eclipse of the Hutt
    It’s getting Hoth in here
    Candle in the Windu
    Jedi Will Survive
    Sith U Been Gone
    Ewok This Way

    • You’ve had months to think these up, that’s not fair.

    • Wherever I lay my AT-AT’s my home
      Mos Eisley, Eisley Baby

      Lols :)

      • Twitter or not you’ve outdone yourself today, Bravo! :D

    • Death Star by Nickelback? ^_^

  10. The farce is strong in this one

    • The farts are strong in this bum.

      I’m pink therefore I’m spam.

      And other similar sounding things.

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