Kinect Star Wars Video Shows Dancing, Pod Racing and More

Some gameplay footage of Kinect Star Wars has been released, showing off a number of modes. First up is combat, followed by Pod Racing, but the best bit of the video has to be the dance mode, where leia gets down with her funky self.

I’ve already shown this to Peter, suggesting it might cheer him up, and now he’s not talking to me anymore. The game is due out in April.

Source: ZoominGames



  1. Dear god.

    Actually quite like the combat, Pod-racing even could be fun, really wish Sony supported Move with mega-titles like this.

    As great as dancing games are, and they really are… it’s just wrong in Star Wars. Not that I give 2 shits about Star Wars anyway, as from halfway through RoJ the franchise is dead to me.

  2. Wrong.

  3. The game itself doesn’t look that bad but the controls semm too clunky… I could imagine that this would work really well with a Move/Nav controller combo.

  4. I’m going to be completely honest. I’ll be playing that dance game with no pants on. There, I said it.

  5. apart from me loving the dancing part lol….it looks pants.

  6. now we only need a Video of George Lucas stating how this perfectly fits his “Vision”

  7. Are you kidding me?, whoever is responsible for this should burn.

    Whatever next, Yoda selling mobile phones?

    • Strong is the signal in this one.

  8. The only entertainment I could gain from any of this would be watching someone trying to play the game

  9. Faceplam, i must. Horrible it is. Not getting this, i am. Milking stop, lucas must.

    It looks rubbish. Why do i get the feeling there will be a NOOO! remix in this?

  10. OK dancing aside. A cinematic before EVERY fight by the looks of things. That won’t be annoying!!

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