Alistair Overeem To Be Available in UFC Undisputed 3

THQ has announced that Alistair Overeem will be a part of the UFC Undisputed 3 roster, as long as you follow a couple of steps.

To unlock Alistair Overeem in UFC Undisputed 3 first you must like the UFC Undisputed  page on Facebook. Once you’ve done that, you have to share the page with at least 2 friends. After these steps have been completed you will receive a token, which can then be redeemed to unlock Alistair Overeem for the in game roster. The token will be sent to participate’s emails on February 14th 2012.


Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, Core Games, THQ, said:

“Social media is an invaluable tool for us to share information, generate interest and grow our thriving UFC Undisputed 3 community. Rewarding this key demographic with free access to a fighter like Alistair Overeem is an invaluable opportunity for everyone involved.”

Alistair Overeem also spoke about his in game inclusion.

“I’m very excited to be part of the new Undisputed videogame.  I know a lot of my fans have wanted to play as me ever since the first game, and I’m as happy to be part of the new Undisputed as I am to finally be in the UFC to complete my quest to become UFC Heavyweight Champion.”

Alistair Overeem will be making his actual UFC debut on the 30th of December at UFC 141, where he will face Brock Lesnar, the former Heavyweight Champion.

The promotion to unlock Alistair Overeem starts today and lasts until the 20th of January 2012. An announcement trailer has also been released and can be viewed below.

Source: Press Release




  1. The Reem! This makes me happy. Thai-clinch of doom.

  2. is he like, a big deal if you’re a UFC fan?

    • He hasn’t fought in the UFC yet, but he will be making his debut next week against Brock Lesnar. Winner gets a title shot.

      He hasn’t lost a fight in 5 years

      • He lost a couple of times in 2007 iirc. Before going on his current tear.

    • He’s a very good kickboxer, has good submissions and is the last Strikeforce (a different organisation to UFC) heavyweight champ, who is now moving into the UFC. Be interesting to see whether his dominance in Strikeforce can be transferred across to the UFC. The Lesnar, Overeem match up is quite an interesting one and should be a good fight. Cerrone vs Diaz is on the same card and I hope that fight is gonna be spectacular.

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