Dead Island Ships 3 Million Copies

Dead Island developer Techland has announced that their co-op zombie slaying sim has managed to ship 3 million copies globally since its release back in September.

Techland PR Tomasz Gawlikowski also reckons that Dead Island is the best selling new IP to be released in 2011:


“I don’t have accurate data but I think that we probably made the best-selling new IP in year 2011. Also Dead Island is the best-selling game in history of Polish game development.”

I might not have accurate data, but it certainly seems to suggest that zombie games haven’t become spent force just yet.

Source: Eurogamer





  1. Not surprised to hear this given how hard it was to find a copy during its first couple of months being on store shelves. As a result I STILL haven’t got my free copy from GreatMagazines, a subscription I signed up for in September! :(

  2. Blimey, I guess that proves what riches effective marketing can bring you.

    • Agreed, I think it proves this point more than anything to do with the game itself.

  3. Great game though, enjoyed more by the gamers than the reviewers.

  4. Hype overload paid off then.

  5. What really annoys me about this game is that some developer creates a new IP and releases what becomes a really interesting trailer. It gets popular with the general public so immediately there is a hate campaign. It then releases and by most accounts is generally okay but is shot down for not being as good as the trailer popularity. As the comments above indicate people are negative to the game because they dared to release a new IP with a decent trailer.

    Then the next article I read will be people complaining about a lack of new IP’s.

    Well done Techland. Good luck for your next game is all I can say. Rant over.

  6. really glad to hear. Dead island proved that graphics storyline voice acting didnt need to be good to be a very fun game. Although in all fairness i have 4 copys of there 3million shipped lol

  7. Was annoyed with the game to start with (bugs and found it a bit repetitive), but grew to love it. Perhaps over ambitious trying to squeeze so much in but great fun, well done to them! Also good to see that they delayed the DLC to concentrate on the game fixes first – this might have cost them DLC sales since it was delayed by quite a lot, yet they still did it.

    • 3 million game sales is probably massively over what they were expecting to sell, so the DLC sales are just an extra cherry on the cake.

      • True, I just thought credit where it was due. Some companies seem to worry more about the money than the fixes, but not in this case…..although perhaps only with the DLC as the game did ship with quite a few bugs!

  8. I would happily sell my copy out of those 3million. Hate the game, boring and repetitive! with the worst story and cut scenes I have seen.

  9. Poland on the rise. CD Project (The Witcher 1 & 2) and now these guys making a name for themselves in the gaming market. I’m still waiting for Dead Island to receive a proper price drop. :D

    • It was £15 on Steam a few days back, or are you looking for the console version?

      • I’m looking for the console version since I can only access the German Steam store which only sells non-violent versions of games.

  10. Wasn’t LA Noire the best selling new IP?

    • That certainly sounds more likely!
      Dead Island may have been a new IP, but it was hardly an original idea.

    • LA Noire sold 3 million in its first month so yes that certainly sold better then dead island.

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