PS Vita Sales Suffer In Week Two

PlayStation Vita has only sold 72,479 units in its second week, a rather disappointing figure after the initial couple of days worth of 324,859.

To put that into context, the PSP sold more – 101,121 to be exact – in the same seven days; and the 3DS shifted a staggering 482,200 units.

The 3DS sold around 200,000 in its second week.

I’ve been playing with the Vita since Christmas Eve and am collecting my thoughts for a full write-up.  Regardless of the figures, it’s a lovely machine, but I expected much more saleswise.

Source: er, our old mate Joe.


  1. If this keeps up a price drop will follow and I can afford to buy one!

    • Yes, that would be cool… No one by one, then we can all afford one

  2. Should the first “3DS” be just a “DS”?

    • No.

      • Doh! Must learn to read.

      • I agree with this. ;)

      • Just one of those times when you read it over and over about 5 times and it didn’t seem to make sense. I’m glad it was you that put me straight Teffers and not someone important! Phew!

      • It doesn’t read right… Did the 3DS have 200,000 sales in its second week, or 482,200 in the same seven days as the PSP (which suggests the second week)?
        I’m guessing one is initial sales and one is the second week.

        I feel for you tonyyeb

  3. I don’t understand why the sales aren’t very good. A lot of great games will be coming out. Also this system has some cool features.
    What’s that game the Japanese go crazy for? Monster Hunter?
    Maybe the Vita needs that to boost sales.

    • maybe a price drop, I mean I know Sony are selling this at a loss but no one wants to buy a portable that cost more than a ps360..

      They need sort it out before it releases global drop the price and you have a winner £199 for wifi & 230 for 3G and throw a 4gb memory card for free

    • …but its still a console? I wouldn’t mind paying that much for a handheld depending if it has a nice flow of decent games every month.

    • Don’t fall for the cretinous reporting by Sixth Axis, it’s truely shameful. ALL console releases drop off in week 2. Week 1 of course includes pre-orders.

      Time to find a new news site, the Sony hating fanboys have invaded the editorial here and have destroyed this one.

      • It’ll be sad to see you go, you do always produce the highest calibre of comment :)

        And if you read the article above you will see that yes, sales drop in the second week, but both the PSP and the 3DS outsold the Vita in their second week and they didn’t drop in sales numbers in that second week by nearly as much as the Vita did. The 3DS sold 200,000 in its second week for example.

      • Oh no, please don’t leave us despite the fact there are barely any fanboys or flame wars which always get sorted out by Adam. We are going to miss you so much. It breaks my heart.

      • lol TSA is one of the most unbiased gaming sites on the net. No one is paid either as far as I know (other than ad revenue).

      • Sony hating fanboys invading the editorial? You know I’ve been here a while, right?

        Regardless, the figures above are fact.

      • As far as I can see here, only the facts have been reported as official sales figures….nothing sensationalised, how can that be that hatred towards any manufacturer. Sheesh! talk about shooting the messenger!!

      • Sony hating? Well, you’ve certainly got our number there! I mean, I hate them SO much I did a four hour journey for a half an hour interview with The Resistance 3 team.. Then I did the same journey again for a couple of hours play testing the Vita.

        Then, and this is the real killer, the Sony hating editorial team imported Vitas at great cost so that some hardware/software reviews could go up in advance of the EU and US release.

        Yep. Hate hate hate.

      • Yep, my Vita bill currenly sits at £550, not including import tax. Just to get some reviews up on the site.

        Hate Sony, I do.

      • Can we get some T-shirts printed up with “The Sixth Axis – We H8 Sony LOLZ!”?

      • Sony hating fanboys?!?! The sites called “The Sixth Axis” its named after a bloody Playstation peripheral!!!! and you have the cheek to place ‘cretinous’ in your comment! ha

      • Tit.
        Although we shouldn’t really be feeding it to be fair. Shame on us.

  4. Well without a system seller it was bound to have that drop. They really need to annonce a game that want’s the Japaneses to buy the system.
    And a price cut is not what it needs just games. + Sony won’t do a price cut when they are already losing money on it.

  5. Great another negative sales story… >.> sad to know that traditional handheld s are struggling but I’ve only ever read news from Japan? It’ll be interesting to how the 3DS has done after the price cut in US and EU.

    Hmm with the Vita I don’t think there was many that would’ve like sold it, they’d go for the likes of Monster Hunter and the odd JRPG but there was that… that… Square Enix game but the last one was rubbish. Hope it doesn’t become too bad since I’m still hoping for a new Phantasy Star Portable sequel.
    Anyway with Monster Hunter eventually coming over in… er 2012 (guess not true) they might as well bundle it with MOnster Hunter themed La Vita Bisquite’s (la > sounds cool)

  6. Maybe a price drop then??
    I still want one.

  7. Lets hope for a price drop :D. I don’t see how it can cost equal to or more than a PS3 – but saying that does a handheld console for whom its main purpose is to allow people to play games on!!!. Does i really need things like gps/touch-motion pad on the back/2 camera’s and Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope,
    three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass.

    All of these extra tech ( I feel ) really wouln’d add that much to the experience in total. Why Not just make a handheld console designed to play games but with very good graphics and full internet connection so you browse facebook and wiki etc . That way it would possible be rather cheap

  8. It’s too expensive tbh. I know SONY needs to make money, but wow. Hopefully when it comes to my part of the World I can afford it.

  9. I don’t get why people say that it should be significantly cheaper than a ps3 or Xbox. Those machines are 5 years old or more and have decreased in price steadily over the years. The vita is a cutting edge handheld, supposedly more powerful than an iPad so it’s not going to be cheap. Like all consoles, early adopters pay the highest price before the inevitable price drop. I don’t think it will beat the DS, but I do think it will ultimately do alright.

  10. I think that the problem with it, is that it’s for a certain type of gamer. The casual market IMO is not going to be too interested as it is expensive and they probably already own a 3DS or a DS if they are in to the casual handheld market. If they haven’t got one of those then they more than likely have a Smartphone that they get their ‘on the move’ gaming fix from.
    Yes Smartphones etc do not have games like Uncharted etc but the average guy/girl playing games on the bus/toilet/train etc probably won’t be bothered about that.Their Smartphone is with them all the time.The Vita does play ‘proper’ games but unfortunatley is another thing to carry.
    I hate to say it, but the Vita is competing with things like Smartphones and tablets and people are getting these dirt cheap with their contracts.
    Add into the equation the pricing on the App Store etc and to the Average Joe it’s a foregone conclusion.

    Some people will play AAA Blockbuster games at home on a PS3/360 and then be perfectly happy with Smartphone games on the move and for them the price of the Vita, accessories and then games is too big to warrant a purchase for how much they would use it.

    Personally I’m on the fence at the moment. I wouldn’t carry a Vita around with me so would pretty much just play it at home but then I think I’d prefer to just play a PS3 game on the much larger screen.

    I suppose it will depend on the Vita exclusives. If all/most Vita games are going to be able to be played on PS3 (ie bought from PSN) then I won’t get one. But, if there are going to be some great exclusives then it might be worth the expense.

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