Review of the Year 2011: October

October is typically one of the months where you look at the games that are releasing and say “Wow”, as it sits firmly in the middle of what is, for games, the “Holiday” release window. This year was no different, with some of the year’s biggest titles arriving. Leading the pack were games like Batman: Arkham City, Dark Souls, Rage, Forza 4 and the game that must surely take the award for most advertised game of the year, Battlefield 3. I think pretty much everyone was happy when the game finally hit shelves, just to see an end to the near ubiquitous advertising it had received.

Of course others were happy to see the shooter arrive because they wanted to actually play it. The game saw a fairly solid critical and commercial reception in general. Whilst I’m not really a fan of what I’ve played of the single player, the multiplayer seems to be where the game shines.


Outside of the big releases there were other things going on, mostly in the realms of previews and reviews. Probably our biggest review came when we took a look at Nathan Drake’s latest adventure in Uncharted 3. There were obviously reviews for the bigger titles mentioned above, as well as a huge range of titles such as Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Dance Central 2, Supremacy MMA, X-Men: Destiny and PSN release of Hydrophobia which had the Prophecy subtitle added to it.

[drop2]Slotting more into the preview category there were a ridiculous number of games that we got to cast an early eye over. This was probably down to things that spilled over from September’s EGX, my time at Microsoft’s “The Gathering” event and just developers generally feeling like they wanted to show their games off. Titles like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Hitman: Absolution, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Skyrim all cropped up, as well as the Vita based adventure of the aforementioned Mr. Drake.

Moving swiftly into the world of gaming news, the biggest story that broke in the tenth month of the year was the formal announcement of Grand Theft Auto V. Although confirmation of the next game in series from Rockstar was hardly unexpected it was nice to finally get a few details about the title. Of course, the details were very few and far between in October; all we got was the fact that a trailer would be arriving at some point. The trailer itself didn’t arrive until November, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that.

On more of a negative note, there was a lot of news about issues with the Batman: Arkham City launch. Issues cropped up not just with the various pieces of DLC that came bundled with some editions of the game but with the game itself. There was a lot of initial confusion but the main issue seemed to have been that many of the codes included in copies of the game for the Catwoman content didn’t work. On top of that, there were many reports that those who had managed to get the DLC to load were finding that it corrupted their save data.

In the wider world the UK saw the warmest October since 2006, with the average temperature sitting a comfortable two-degrees above the average. In tech news Apple announced the highly anticipated iPhone 4S, just one day before Steve Jobs sadly lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Looking back at footage from the announcement, the one empty chair in the front row seems particularly depressing.

In other deeply depressing news, the war in Afghanistan marked its tenth anniversary on the 7th, with the death title amongst the allied forces rising to 2,670. Sticking with armed conflict, ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed in the town of Sirte. This ultimately lead to the end of the Libyan civil war on the 23rd, after continuing for over eight months.

Finally in what may consider happier news, although others may feel will lead to the ultimate demise of our species, the UN decided to select the 31st as the symbolic date of the global population reaching 7 billion.

So that’s it for another month, we’ll be back tomorrow with our round up of November.



  1. Rage for me was a huge let down, know the graphic’s and gunplay was very good – the lack of story is what ruined the whole game for me. Which is why once i completed i traded it in for Arkham City and got that game for 99p :D ( thanks HMV ).

    Even tho i enjoyed arkham city very much i found myself getting bored in places and once i got the riddler trophies i found their was not much more to do so i sold and brought uncharted 3 which is by far the geatest game to date :D :D

    • I played Rage at EGX and struggled to be impressed, I only picked it up just before Christmas when I found it going for less than a tenner at CEX – it’ll probably sit on the shelf gathering dust for months now!

    • I got put off Rage by the demo, it starts okay, but as soon as enemies and weapons start being used, the game couldn’t cope and graphics started popping in every turn (literally). Saying that, it did look very nice (after loading) and the enemy AI was very good. The driving mission wasn’t. Why bother putting driving in there?

  2. Battlefield singleplayer was a bit of a dissapointment after hoping to return to the marvellous open world of Battlefield Bad Company 1, and also has it’s share of bugs.

    The multiplayer is simply baffling though. Fantastic..

  3. Battlefield 3 is awesome. The SP is a bit iffy but the MP is where the quality shines through. Not played Arkham City due to lack of funds but will get it soon.

  4. Must admit I enjoyed Rage, though I need to return to t to complete it. Battlefield 3 is awesome, though the campaign doesn’t interest me.

    Having mentioned Steve Jobs in the article, I’m deeply unimpressed that Dennis Ritchie wasn’t given any kind of mention, as he passed away on October 12th.

  5. I’ve played the demo of Rage and it barely resembles an RPG. Imo. There are no dialog choices and limited customisation. :-( I know it’s a shooter-RPG hybrid but they left the RPG out of it. ;)

    Battlefield 3 is the only game that i will get just for it’s MP as tis fantastic. I am disappointed at the lack of a private match function which one of the basic things that every online MP usually has and thus TSA can’t do any comps. I plan on picking it at some point provided there is a lot of TSAers who play it from time to time. But i’m probably going to end up killing myself when i see the patch size. :(

    Ah, Dark Souls, the game that caused Peter to basically tell it eff you, i’m not reviewing you as it would end up being a lot of swears. ;) I’m not even going to dare get it as i would prefer not to get stuck on the same bit for the next 6 months.

    Batman:arkham city, that caused a lot of trouble with the “online” pass which doesn’t make sense considering it’s a SP only game! and that Rocksteady made a big song and dance of it only to annouce that preowned copies won’t have her the week before release. :-( I know DAO and ME2 had a similuar thing, but i think that was annouced months before release. :)

    I like how Rockstar can get the entire net excited about a trailer just by quietly annoucing the trailer as if they are not bothered about it. Any other publisher wouldn’t be able to get away with it(well, Acti probably could). I hope that more GTA:V details are released soon as i want to know what improvements will be made and what new features/returning features will in it. :)

  6. Completely forgot about Dark Souls! Will be the next game I pick up. October was a good month, I got F1 2011 from trading in stuff, which I played for most of the month.

  7. It was a good month

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