Review of the Year 2011: November

November is a crazy month if you have more than a passing interest in videogames. All the big publishers seem to want a shot at the massive Christmas sales spike so releases come thick and fast. Of course, in recent years several publishers have pushed back their end of year releases in favour of avoiding the Call of Duty juggernaut and giving themselves a few more months to polish their game before a release in the following spring.

This year was slightly different. EA decided to take on Activision directly with Battlefield 3 at the end of October and that decision seemed to galvanise others to keep their ships on course for a November release.

[drop2]Of course, Modern Warfare 3 was the biggest release of the month, in terms of sales, but The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim seemed to captivate an audience like nothing else, with record Steam sales and play time. Assassin’s Creed returned with Revelations, Ubisoft explored Rayman’s origins, Saints Row The Third provided one of the best games of the year for pure fun and Microsoft released their remake of one of the most influential shooters of all time – Halo: Combat Evolved.

Nintendo breathed some life into the 3DS with Mario’s first significant release on the platform in Super Mario 3D Land and Sony wasn’t exactly keeping their talented studios in the dark either. Uncharted 3’s release delivered one of the best action adventure titles of this generation.

We heard that the creator of LA Noire was working on a new game, tentatively titled “Whore of the Orient” and the rumours of Sony’s multi-star brawler started to break. There was also some good news for fans of DC Universe Online, with the game’s population soaring after going free to play. The other big news of the month was mostly developments with the Skyrim patch situation and rumours of next generation hardware.

Elsewhere in the world, news was dominated by the ongoing Occupy protests in New York, Oakland and London. Protesters were forcibly removed by police in action many saw as heavy handed and unnecessary. We also saw the economic situation in the Eurozone get worse, with many economists coming to the conclusion that the Euro might now be impossible to rescue.

The weather was milder than usual, at least for the first three weeks. London and the East of the UK had plenty of fog while the North and West had, as usual, plenty of rain. In the last week of the month, it got very windy in Scotland and Northern Ireland but generally, November was milder than usual.

We’ll be back tomorrow to sum up December, for those of you with absolutely terrible memories.



  1. I have a terrible memory, mainly due to copious amounts of alcohol and video games. wouldnt change it for the world!

  2. I can’t believe how many games I just flew through in October and November, Battlefield, COD, Uncharted, Arkham.

    Since I finished Modern Warfare the only game I’ve touched is Skyrim!

  3. Having bought Uncharted 3 and Skyrim, both of them have easily kept me busy till Xmas. Now that Santa has delivered ACROSS to me though, the others are finally on the back burner. Probably the best gaming month there has been in a good few years IMO.

    • Wtf? That’s meant to say ACR not Across :p

      • Lol, I wondered what the hell ACROSS was.. Was a fantastic gaming month. I managed to miss all of it off at uni. I have a lot to catch up with :P

  4. Only bought Uncharted 3 last month, and that was because of trading in games and getting it very cheap. Had a serious lack of funds which meant I was skint from november to december.

  5. November. The month that had the highest amount of wallets that cried.

    I was surprised that Skyrim released without load of bugs as Bethesda is known for bugs. I know that Skyrim still has bugs but it’s an Elder Scrolls game and it’s something of a tradition. ;) I’m just waiting for it to go down to £20 before i pounce on it or shout FUS RA DAH at Gamestation. :P I have managed to become an expert at it despite the fact that i’ve not even touched it. :O Also, Skyrim managed to get a 10/10 on Eurogamer. :O That was probably the only game that has managed to do that this year.

    I’ve heard that MW3 was a bit of a letdown to some people and that the engine was starting to show it’s age. Apparently, it kept forgetting where it put it’s glasses, kept talking about the good old day etc.. :p

    Uncharted 3 is said to not be as good as UC2 was but i would say that it’s just the same amount of quailty as UC2 was. From what i’ve seen.

    It was a shame that Rayman struggled to sell but i think they made the colossal mistake of releasing it in a month that was jam packed of games. Had they released it this month or in Jan, it would probably have sold better.

    Didn’t GoldenEye get released a week before MW3 did and got completely ignored by everyone?

    • For me, I prefer UC3 although it is a close call. UC2 was loads of fun to play but personally, UC3 has a better storyline and has more Sully in it so that = instant win.

    • Yes, golden eye was so ignored that it didn’t even make it into this post.
      Was probably the worst marketing decision ever, putting it between BF3 and COD. Especially as no one cared to begin with.

  6. I think devs/publishers need to start understanding that November is a bad month to release your game. Yes Christmas is coming, but call of duty will significantly reduce your sales. Just steer clear of the month, perhaps release mid-december instead, at least by that time people will have played cod to death and may be looking for something new. Also, that’s when people buy Christmas presents. Simple logic for me :-)

    • I always wonder why there aren’t more games released mid-December. Seems ideal, both avoiding COD and in time for Christmas. I also tend to buy games in November if I want them because I’m impatient, but I could probably wait if I only had a few weeks!

  7. Skyrim definitely the highlight of this month, the highlight of the year as well. Uncharted 3 continues to be a piece of shit, I still haven’t managed to play online as the stupid thing won’t connect.

  8. It was a good month

  9. Rayman was my personal highlight of the month. What a busy month for gamers that was.

  10. Going to wait until they sort out the majority of the bugs and glitches in this game before i purchase it :D

    • Well then you should have got it on release =P

      Honestly I’ve played 100+ hours on PS3 and the game is perfectly fine.

    • I got it at Christmas, put 50 hours in, and no bugs so far!
      Loving it!

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