Composer Lists God Of War IV

More evidence that the God Of War franchise will rumble on as composer Timothy Williams lists ‘God Of War IV (upcoming)’ on his CV.

Timothy has previously worked on The Day The Earth Stood Still, Sucker Punch, Conan The Barbarian and a personal favourite of mine, Playmobil: Secret Of Pirate Island.

Other rumours surrounding the game of late include online co-op play and a storyline involving Kratos and his brother.  Nobody from Sony has confirmed the game exists.




  1. Kratos cooperating with someone else just doesnt seem right to me(apart from if its that mini game…).

    • Who says it’s going to be Kratos?

      • Well no one yet, just going on what the penultimate sentence says.

  2. Interested to see where this goes if real, especially if it’s not Kratos. Or if it’s not Greek, although I hope they don’t just switch to Roman gods cause they’re pretty much exactly the same.

    • If it’s not Kratos then, in my opinion, it isn’t God of War

      • I’m betting on God Of War IV: Escape From New York

  3. Suckerpunch had an wicked soundtrack, good news! :)

  4. Where could they take the story now? Personally i think they should leave it at GOW3.

  5. I hope that GOW4 will be set in another period as Kratos’s story is at an end. If the soundtrack is as good as the previous GOW’s were then tis an excellent choice. :)

    If Kratos is in GOW4, i imagine he will be freaking angry for some reason and will kill the gods again.

  6. Kratos is a simple warrior that payed his cheques by killing the Greek gods. Until one day, when there was none left to kill. Now Kratos has to bring them all back from Hades so he can do it all again. From the creators of “Fat Princess” and “Calling All Cars”; Kratos is, God of War. (Rated PG 18)

  7. Cannot wait. One of the all time greats GoW. Fact. It’s up there with uncharted n mgs n such like. Epic!

    • is it GOW or GoW because one is Gears?

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