Rumour: God Of War IV Has Online Co-op Multiplayer

PSM3 magazine has thrown some rumours into the mill in their latest issue, namely regarding the next God of War game, which they say features online multiplayer co-op.

The rumours also include mention of Kratos and his brother, and mention that the game is due in 2012.


We’re assuming you’re familiar with the ending of God of War III – if not, look away now because it’s also discussed that the game will see the brothers trying to escape from the afterlife.

Oh good, was worried this one might be too crazy.

Source: Sillegamer.



  1. I don’t see any co-op working with GOW as it’s a hack and slash and would be hell to try and not hit each other by mistake. If it is true, then it’s a bad idea.

    • No friendly fire? That would sort that out. Kratos’ bro could have ranged abilities, meaning one charges in and one hangs back more. They could also split the paths for the inevitable puzzles, like portal does, so it’s more like single player, but you occasionally have to pull a lever to open the way for the other person ect.

    • You really do hate change don’t you Steven.

      • I don’t. I only hate uneccessary MP in games. :)

  2. *spoiler for GOW3*
    – escape from the underworld? That should be simple, judging by the last game anyway? You go there several times and getting out is a doodle, don’t see why Kratos dying (again?) would make it harder..

  3. Thought the end of 3 was perfect ending for Kratos.

    Love the games but shame he’s being dragged out again and that SSM can’t take the Kratos epic-ness to a new era, Norse mythology maybe

  4. News of this nature doesn’t normally bother me, but this one tickles my angry bones a touch. This was not a decision made with gameplay in mind, its surely a decision taken solely to reduce the number of pre-owned sales and increase the number bought first hand. Was one of my favourite franchises but they can piss off if this rumour is true.

  5. Love GOW. Love the coop idea too! Taking on huge bosses with my bros sounds epic…

  6. Ah yes, read this. I think it sounds like quite an interesting idea but I don’t know if GoW suits multiplayer

  7. I’d prefer local coop and a reboot focusing on a different kind of mythology.

  8. props on the bromance up there, made me laugh :)

  9. There is only 1 Kratos. Cant see it working without some other failing elsewhere.

  10. YAY for unnecessary multiplayer.

    Will not buy if it has co-op.

    • So even if the single player was amazing, you’d miss out on it just because it features co-op? That’s crazy talk :-P

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