Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Demo Release Date

A demo of JRPG sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be landing on PS3 and 360 in Europe on 11th January, Square-Enix has announced.

That’s next week, if you’re unable to put two and two together.


Square has also launched a new trailer, which shows off the powers of your fluffiest party member, Mog the Moogle.

Source: Eurogamer.



  1. Glad they are doing a demo. Loved some of the older games in the series but hated XIII with a passion. Hopefully this demo restores my faith in the series.

  2. A demo for a 40 hour + RPG is normally very hard to show off what the game has to offer. So i doubt that the demo will be an accruate representation of it. Although, i will download it just to see what changes they’ve made to the combat system.

    It looks like a moogle but the voice will become annoying.:-( Also, is it me or does this look worse then FF13 graphics wise?

  3. AMazing. Will download this and buy it either way. Loved XII with a passion!

  4. Let XIII pass me by completely so looking forward to giving the demo ago.

  5. It would come out during the middle of my exams…

  6. Kupo!

  7. Cool will give it a go;)

  8. I never download demos for games that I already have on preorder out of fear that it spoils the fun of playing the same section in the full game again…

  9. Oh wait. Was there a Japanese demo?

  10. Glad to hear it. Unsure if I like the new combat system, will be cool to try it.

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