AT&T Vita 3G Data Plans Announced

The AT&T (US) data plans for the 3G version of the Vita have been announced. There are two options: $14.99 a month for 250MB or $25 for 2GB, both with no contracts.

The reaction over on the PlayStation Facebook page hasn’t been overly positive. What do you think?

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  1. Can you download games via 3G?

    • 3G downloads a capped at 20MB so most games no.

      • Oh really? Same as iDevices then. I didn’t know that.

  2. I’ll have a giffgaff SIM for mine. £5 ($7.72) for 500MB.

    So the US don’t get the best deals on everything, it seems.

    • The US get utter shit prices for phones. We expect even smart phones for free on contracts, Americans pay $70 a month and still end up paying $300 upfront for the phone.

      • This shocked me too having moved there last summer, was a hell of a wake-up call after thinking the UK was expensive. Suffice to say I still don’t have a mobile phone here in the US because I can’t afford one, simple as that.

      • It’s to do with coverage. There’s a much large space to cover so it costs more.

      • As an American getting screwed by my phone company, I agree.
        At least we have a few monthly options without contracts but you pay for the phone.
        That is what I’m switching to. It is the cheapest solution and gives me mobile web.
        Which I currently don’t have. I hate Sprint.

      • Actually it isn’t really. When you think about it theres a hell of a lot more customers to profit from in the US. Additionally unlike the UK where there are many companies that provide mobile phone and cellular data plans and products, the few companies in existence have a monopoly on the country’s phone lines and mobile network services, meaning its easier to charge higher prices :3.

      • The US network is set up different from here. A single mast in the UK can cover several square miles. In the US urban areas they use at least 3 masts for each ‘cell’ area, the ‘cell’ being the area between the masts which is usually less than 1 square Km. More masts needed = more expense.
        But, that said, there are 322.9 million (06/11) mobile subscribers which should offset the costs of cell system.

      • There may be over 5x the number of people, but there’s way more than 5x the space to cover!

      • The network is definitely set up differently too- remember before smartphones, when European phones couldn’t connect to US masts without being tri-band (or was it quadband?)?

    • When it comes to mobile devices and other cellular plans, the devices and the plans are absolute horrific when compared to Europe.

      • Europe is bad enough when compared to Britain. Britain is far cheaper for phones than most countries.

  3. Well this is apparently their normal SIM only data plans, so I’m not remotely surprised by this. Nor do I care as I’m not in America but still.

    Odd are Vodafone’s one will be the same as they currently are for SIM only data plans, £5 pay as you go for 250MB, £7.50 a month (£5 for existing customers) on a 30 day contract for 500MB and £15 a month (£12.50 for existing customers) for 2GB. The only interesting thing would be if they do the device on contract as well, like an iPad or Galaxy Tab.

    • Really they should just allow you to tether it to your iPhone. Run the iPad and Vita and what ever else off it to. £45+£15+£12+… Before you know it all these little plans equal far to much! One plan, connect ALL other 3G devices via that mobile. Job done!

  4. You can’t go wrong with a Mi-fi from 3 if you have multiple devices that you want to connect whilst out and about.

  5. I think a fair few people that had pre-ordered 3G’s have just switched to the wi-fi only one, can’t see many people willing to pay that amount. What can you even do with 250mb, apart from surfing webpages?

    • Well that’s what you’re going to do. Logging into PSN, messaging, even voice chatting maybe. Using Near and stuff. Uploading trophies.

      • I wouldn’t pay $14.99 a month so I could update my trophies on the go, or voice chat someone – I’d just phone them.

      • Well that is if youre already paying for the phone.

      • Actually I’m on P&G! :P

  6. So basically the prices for AT&T deals. It’s not on a contract so won’t be as cheap as them.

  7. Thank god I can turn my Android phone into a Wifi hotspot with the flick of a digital switch. I don’t understand why people would buy a 3G anything that is not a smartphone these days.

    • This was my thought exactly; having a Smartphone that can act as a hotspot completely negates the issue, you just add it to your current network allowance – my Orange contract comes with 500mb a month standard. That said, my smartphone also does everything I’d want to do online with the Vita, and with a better browser and Flash support so there’s no reason to waste the battery charge! Voice chat? That’s what a phone is for…

      • I’ve got an Android phone which will act as a wi-fi hotspot, but the battery won’t last long if I do so.

        Also don’t know what features (such as ‘near’) might need it. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

      • The Vita has approximately 5 hours of battery life. Shouldn’t be a problem, even if you spend the whole 5 hours playing online, asuming you even manage to squeeze 5 hours of online gaming out of that little bugger. :)

      • Like Paranoimia says, it might be better to have it and not need it – doesn’t the 3G model also have GPS, unlike the wifi-only model?

      • I wouldn’t pay a premium for a 3G model just to have it if I ever needed it. And if that event ever occured I’d still have to pay extra for the actual data traffic. Not worth it in my opinion. There are also quite a few free wifi hotspots around the cities if you really need to access the internet through your Vita. I can also pass on the GPS functionality. I have a GPS for my car and Google Navigations on my Android smartphone works like a charm with turn by turn navigation.

        I went for the 3G model for my Amazon Kindle but that comes with free worldwide Whispernet. It’s nice being able to download a new book or check your email when you are on vacation but I wouldn’t have opted for the 3G version if I had to pay a monthly fee to access the Internet.

        Like I said to djsecondnature, it’s worth talking to your provider if he’s OK with you tethering additional devices to your Smartphone and if not how much it would cost you to add a second device to your data plan. Maybe it’s cheaper than what you would have to pay for the native Vita 3G plans and also remember that you would be saving money by getting the Wifi only model. I’ve tethered my tablet to my phone on quite a few occasions and the battery took it like a champ. :)

      • Also, according to tonycawley (I wasn’t 100% sure myself) you can’t play games via 3G anyways. Apparently you can only surf the net (like on your smartphone but with a sucky browser), chat with friends (instead of calling them with a cell phone that you probably have on you anyways), sync trophies (surely can wait until you get back to a wifi area) and stuff like that. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t go for the 3G model in this case, even if I couldn’t tether it to my smartphone. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the extra money if you really only can do these things.

    • A lot of providers are clamping down on tethering.

      • Asuming your provider does forbid tethering, there’s a chance you can add it to your plan for less than what these offers would cost you. I’d give it a try if I was in that position. Lucky for me my provider doesn’t seem to mind my tethering. I rarely use it and if I do it’s mostly just for a quick emergency (didn’t have internet in my new appartment and had to activate Borderlands on my PC to play it so I tethered my phone via USB – this kind of stuff).

  8. It doesn’t have 4G receiver does it? Might wait and just get the wi-fi just now. I’m sure it will have one when LTE is available in the bigger countries.

  9. I have no concept as to what 2Gb gets you. Is that a lot for a frequent gamer? As time goes by the 3G option seems more and more pointless. Gives me a sad face :-(

    • You can’t play games over the 3G, it’s only for PSN/internet type stuff.

      • What the flock? No online stuff?

      • 3G does not support online gaming. You can only do that when connected to a WiFi hotspot. The 3G is only so you can browse the web, synch trophies, chat to people on friends list etc.

      • TUT!

  10. The comment section on Facebook is full of idiots thinking that’s the PSN account charge, with one person saying “Free wifi or I’m not buying”.
    I think the 250Mb deal is a bit bad, but the 2Gb one it ok

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