Kid Icarus First Nintendo Game To Support Circle Pad Pro

Kid Icarus Uprising director Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed that the title will support the Circle Pad Pro attachment.

Sakurai said that Circle Pad Pro support would aid left-handed gamers:


“The way we are using the Circle Pad Pro in the game is to provide support for left-handed gamers.

“We’ve made it possible to use the right Circle Pad in place of the left one.”

The additional Circle Pad means that left-handed gamers will be able to switch the controls so that they can use the stylus with their left hand.

Having left-handed friends who have previously struggled with games such as Metroid Prime Hunters due to unfriendly, left-handed controls, it’s good news that there’s an option to better their gaming experience in Kid Icarus Uprising. Shame it’s gonna cost them, though…

Source: ONM




  1. left handed gamers seriously lol they must have problems with every console ever made then!

    • Well with the DS/3DS you’re using a stylus, essentially a pen. Try using a stylus with your left hand if you’re right handed and you’ll see it’s bloody difficult to do competently.

      It’s the same issue for lefties, often made worse from the fact that if they’re using a stylus in their left hand that they can’t access the D-Pad/Circle pad, without crossing their right arm over the screen.

    • I know I’m a bit late, I wrote a comment on this yesterday but my phone hates me so it didn’t work.

      I’m a lefty and I just want to mention that I’ve never had any problems using any game controller because of my “handedness”. I use a pc-mouse in my right hand, but I can see how using a stylus and a circle pad like that can be very difficult for many. I’ve never tried using a stylus on a DS myself though. So this annoying attachment may become the saviour of many.

  2. Good news for those broken lefties :) Hopefully they do a bundle on Zavvi like they’ve done for RE Revelations so they don’t have to pay any extra. £30 for a new game and the Circle Pad attachment sounds like a bargain

  3. Does anyone know if the circle pad pro come with an additional battery?

    • It has an internal battery that runs for 480 hours :) When you do need to change it you just take out one screw and swap it over.

  4. My first thought was that this is the worst excuse to push out the Circle Pad Pro without telling people that they screwed up by not building it into the 3DS in the first place. Then I read the part about the stylus… I’m right handed and I couldn’t imagine myself playing on a (3)DS if the thing was built for left handed people. Turns out this is actually more than just a way to enable more complex control schemes in their games. :)

  5. I thought Resident Evil Revelations was the first game to support the Circle Pad Pro?
    The game is launching, as a Zavvi exclusive, in a bundle with the Circle Pad attachment at the end of this month.

    • Article title says first NINTENDO game to support the Circle Pad Pro =P

      Resi Revelations is a Capcom game, although I believe Nintendo might be marketing it in Europe.

      • Ah yeah, so it does.
        I misread it as ‘Nintendo 3DS game’ – that’s what I get for sneaking a peak at Sixth Axis at work in a small browser window :P

  6. Would it be cool if the next Zelda game used this? If so, we could make Link left handed again. :D

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