More GT5 DLC Announced

The one or two (billion) GT5 fans here at TSA will be pleased to hear that more DLC is on the way. Released on January 18th, there will be two packs:

Car Pack 3: This will feature six new cars including: Lamborghini Aventador; Jaguar XJR9; Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2011; VW 1200 1966; Mini Countryman S 2011; and Nissan Leaf. The pack will be priced at €5.99.

Speed Test Pack: This features a special new oval test track with a performance measurement mode. The new track is a proving ground where gamers will be able to take their vehicles and test them out, compare stats and data between vehicles in their garage. It will be priced at €4.99.

Also released on January 18th is GT5 title update 2.03. New theme colours and wallpapers will be made available with the update as well as a number of other small changes to the game.

Source: Press Release


  1. Can’t have enough GT content & after the first year of free extras, I’m more than happy to hand over a few quid for more :)

    • Yeah i really think there’s much too little

      • my apologies for posting this as a reply to deathbrin but since everyone was wondering on the priceing it has now been revealed the the track pack will cost $3.99/€3.99/£3.19 and the car pack will cost $5.99/€5.99/£4.59

      • oh and it’ll release on January 17th.

  2. The Speed test track sounds interesting but I won’t be buying the car pack.

  3. Those prices are pretty barmy, and part of the reason why I only bought the first pack of DLC (which was MUCH better value.

    Track pack 1 had Spa and two reversible Kart tracks for $5 (€5)
    Car pack 1 had 15 cars for $8.
    Together with other gubbins, this was bundled for $12.

    Compared to that, this is much less content for your money. €11 (which you can bet will come to $11) for a single track (Yay! An oval! I’m so excited!) and 6 cars.

    If anything, I’ll just get the cars.

    • I agree invertedly. The test track will get far more use from me. It reminds me of GT3 and I spent so much time on that test track with my pimped Skyline.

      I need the karts for the championship next week so I need to get that pack 1 but I get Spa too which should be worth it.

    • Yeah, where’s all the exciting stuff? As much as i love ovals i can’t see this being of use

      • Not being sarcastic about the ovals btw

      • the oval allows for 1/4 mile, 1 mile, 0-60, 0-100, top speed and max g-force tests. all of these will also be available online. apparently the track can also be used as a standard race track offline as well as online

    • Have to agree, £5 for a track is a bit steep, it seems to be following the Burnout route, give us a few good free updates with some great features to start with and then start with the paid for DLC at reasonable prices before hitting the slightly overpriced DLC packs.
      I don’t particularly mind though, and felt the same way with Burnout after being given such a lot of extra free update features to start with before the paid for DLC started…which I always bought! :P

      • Where did you get £5 from?

      • Oops, my mistake it’s around £4.20, not needed to check the rate exchanges lately and just guessed it was nearly one to one Euro and Sterling.

    • Yeah, but the first car pack was 15 crap cars (Second one wasn’t much better). This pack actually has good cars in it.
      But really, it’s new tracks I’m interested in, and I’ll get any tracks they release: even boring ovals like this one.

  4. That’s my birthday, I wonder if they’ll let me have it for free.

    • Tell us what car you’ll get :)

      • It was a crap one last time so I’m hoping for something better.

      • I got Lotus Esprit Turbo HC ’87 last time wonder what i’ll get this year

    • I got an Audi Quattro! In Ashes to Ashes red as well :)

  5. Any press release revealing the £ prices? I’m getting it all anyway, I just am…!

    • Me too. It says GT5 on it so I will buy it.

      • Do you buy Apple stuff by any chance?

  6. Ah ok, this still isn’t officially on the PS Blog yet, just the leak from earlier

    • its on the hk ps blog and priced at 5$/5 euro so i’m guessing that’ll translate into £3.79

  7. But the oval is for testing your cars top speed and not for racing on.. Just like GT4, I loved that oval.

  8. Probably just the car pack for me. The oval track isn’t of any use to me really. Not going to spend all day driving cars around to find their top speeds. Everyone else can do that for me :-p. And it’ll inevitably be available from the start on GT6, like all DLC I guess, but this is something I can wait til then for.

  9. I’ll take the Aston Martin… not in GT5, though. *dreams on*

  10. Car pack sounds great! Some fantastic cars, especially the Aventedor and the V12 Vantage (which I’ve driven and can thoroughly recommend if you have a spare £120k lying around…). Less interested in the oval. Although I think it sounds interesting, I think it may be a bit over priced for what if is. Looking forward to the two new tracks seen in the new GT5 NSX Detroit video! Hope they arrive soon!

    • That’s interested in buying* Didn’t mean to contradict myself :)

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