Rumour: THQ In Trouble?

There is only one source for these rumours, Kevin Dent, a ‘ten year veteran from the digital video games industry’.

According to Kevin THQ has stopped work on the Disney license, cancelled all of their 2014 line up (including its Warhammer 40K MMO) and offered the sale of the business to Asian firms.


Just before Christmas THQ lost thirty staff after uDraw failed to perform on the PS3 and Xbox 360, however Saints Row The Third was the ninth best-selling game in the UK last year.

This year THQ have Darksiders II,  Metro: The Last Light and UFC3 scheduled for release.

As always these rumours should be treated with a vat load of salt.

Source: Twitter




  1. Would be very sad if Dark Millenium was canned. THQ and its respective studios have done wonders with the 40K license. That said, surely another publisher would leap on what is essentially one of the most video game-friendly brands out there if it were to be sold off.

    Just imagine what a developer like BioWare could conjure up in the 40K universe.

  2. Jesus Christ, they cancelled Dark Millenium Online? You absolute twats, THQ.
    Sorry, it’s actually pissed me off. I love my 40K more than near anyone I know, and it is about the only premise which could get me into an MMO.
    Bet they keep shit shovelware games going though, that’s what will truly piss me off.

    • Taking it with a lot of salt, but even the mere rumour is not a good sign…

    • Twats for not having enough money to finish it off? Makes sense

      • No, twats for probably cancelling a game which is any good, yet churning our shit games and shovelware pretty regularly (though nowhere as much as they used to).
        Calmed down a little now though, I overreacted a little.

  3. THQ can’t finish, there one of my true loves.

  4. not good, one of the better publishers out there, i hope this is just scaremongering by some dude with an agenda.

    • I’ve never heard of him (sorry Kevin) but lots of people seem to rate him.

  5. Thats what you get for dissolving Blue Tongue! :3

  6. Even if it is just a rumour it is still not good to hear. I believe THQ are behind the MX vs ATV games which I enjoy, wouldn’t want that series to end.

  7. I lost my remaining interest in THQ when they decided to kill the Red Faction franchise.

    • When changed to third person I lost interest

      • Guerilla was good a light romp..armageddon killed the franchise. Wishing for another Red Faction fps where you can make tunnels…never happen though :(

      • Guerilla was ace. I’m glad I didn’t avoid it out of fear that a 3rd person view killed the franchise. It’s still one of my favourite games of this gen. I haven’t had that much fun playing a game in ages.
        Armageddon on the other hand was a real let down. I tried to look past its faults because I loved Guerilla so much but in the end I had to realize that it was a real disgrace for the franchise.

        I hope they bring RF back in the next console generation and either go back to it’s FPS roots or do a Guerilla 2 with split screen coop and terrain destruction. The next gen should have the power to handle that kind of processing load.

  8. OPne other point of note: Warhammer posted record profits the other day, a large portion of which was royatlies from the THQ game.

  9. If true, then THQ as a whole is completely dead. A shame about all those IPs.

    • I’m sure someone would buy them up. Square Enix could for instance, Eidos have been pretty awesome since being bought up by them (i.e. since they had money behind them), so it’s not definitely a bad thing, hopefully they won’t shut down too many studios before getting bought.

      Heh, just reread the article and noticed the “Asian firms” bit, would be funny if Square Enix bought up another western studio…

      • Square Enix definitely did a great publishing job so far. Just Cause 2 was great and Tomb Raider looks amazing.

  10. I really hope this isn’t true. That would be sad for all the people that work there, it would give EA and Activision an even larger share of the market and it would mean the end of Darksiders. It would also be the end of the most likely publisher for future Double Fine games on PS3, which is very sad.

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