WipEout 2048 Has An Online Pass

Much like Everybody’s Golf 6, Sony’s first party title WipEout 2048 requires an online pass to make the most of it.  And, just like the former title, buying the game from the PlayStation Store means you’ll automatically get an online pass too, despite what the rest of the internet said a week or so back.

[videoyoutube]And of course, if you buy WipEout 2048 from a physical store, it’ll have a code in the box which activates an online pass for your console.


However, buy it second hand or rent it and you’ll need to buy a ‘Network Pass’ from the PSN Store, if you don’t some of the game’s cooler features, like (obviously) online play and (rather surprisingly and certain to ruffle a few feathers) the much anticipated PS3-Vita Cross Play, won’t work.

And annoyingly, because the UK PSN Store isn’t up yet, we can’t test those features as the game won’t authenticate our pass – it tries every time we load up the game or try to jump online.

Regardless, I’ve shown WipEout 2048 to a few people recently and everyone agrees: this is the game that best shows off the system – it’s visually the best thing on there and is utterly amazing with a decent pair of headphones, the near-future whine of the vehicles a real treat.

We’ll have a review of the single player as soon as possible.



  1. so the online pass will work in other regions besides the one it’s bought from? that would be great, cause if not, the 1st part sony titles are pretty much region-locked. :(

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