Over 6 Million LittleBigPlanet Levels Created

It seems you guys have been very busy, as the LittleBigPlanet games have surpassed six million user-created levels combined.

According to Media Molecule two and a half million have been created in the year since LBP 2’s release, with 40,000 per week being created between the two console games.


A big, sack shaped congratulations to everyone involved, and we eagerly await LBP Vita!

Source: Twitter



  1. Impressive, but it’d be interesting to see how many copies of the game(s) have sold compared to how many user levels are published, there must only be a couple of levels per person, if that! I only ever published one level, and decided not to inflict such crap on anyone again with my lack of imagination, or to be more precise…patience! :P

    • Exactly, I made two or three pitiful excuses. It seemed professional game designers made good levels, everyone else just floundered about with crappy broken pistons :/

  2. This is great. I have made a fair few levels of my own, of course they aren’t the best levels to play, but they were fun to make. I even made the Indiana Jones films into a level :P Really love the create side to LBP! You can build anything out of anything.

  3. I haven’t played LPB for ages, I really should get back into it as creating levels was a real joy. I did a few little levels, my personal favourite being Lara Soft (a sackboy Tomb Raider).

  4. Wow.
    This series is probably the one we’ll point at in years to come as the main game advancement on PS3- other top titles like Uncharted, COD, GTA were continuations and improvements on existing genres and archetypes, but Little Big Planet really offered something new to consoles.

  5. 40,000 a week?

    that’s the beauty of a game like LBP where the user can create content, no studio, no matter how large, could match the output of the community.

    both in quantity and with the sheer range of ideas people come up with.
    i bet Media Molecule never expected anybody to create a working calculator in LBP.

    and where the developers have to create levels and content fitting in with the game, and no doubt have deadlines and such, a passionate player can spend weeks creating their level/device/music machine/whatever.

    i can see, or at least i’d like to see, more games like this in future.

  6. Amazing stuff:P I did a level just to get that LBP2 50 people played your level Trophy but no one seems to try me level :-/ (well it’s up to 11 people played my level now after over 6 months) Oh well:D

  7. No other console game has given so much to the gaming community! I fell in love with the game from the very first trailer.

  8. speaking of user generated content, why have we not seen a single minecraft type game on ps3 yet? >_<

  9. LBP kids are creative unlike COD kids lol.

  10. I haven’t even bought LBP2 yet. I thought it would come down in price like LBP did. It hasn’t.

    • How cheap do you want it. it’s available for about £15 from loads of places.

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