Street Fighter X Tekken – New Characters Revealed in Epic Trailer

Capcom has released two new trailers for Street Fighter X Tekken. The first video is an incredibly epic CG trailer featuring Xiaoyu, Jin, M. Bison, and Juri. The second video reveals six new characters in the game – Balrog, Vega, and Juri from Street Fighter and Xiaoyu, Law and Paul Phoenix from Tekken. Capcom even teases Pac-Man and Mega Man (in bad box art form) as playable characters.


Although M. Bison and Jin Kazama haven’t been formally announced yet, their inclusion seems obvious at this point. There was even a leaked image on Xbox Live that showed M. Bison teaming up with Heihachi well before these trailers were released. Hopefully we’ll get some gameplay footage of both characters sometime soon. It’s also worth noting that Ogre and Akuma have hidden cameos in the second trailer, possibly confirming their existence in the game.

Source: Press Release



  1. I have to say, I can not honestly be more pumped for this game XD

  2. tekken characters are getting beaten up.

  3. Is there any news on tekken vs streetfighter?? (i thought both development teams were having a pop each with their respective engines?)

    • We’ll prolly get more details on that game next year. Namco is working on porting Tekken Tag Tourney 2 which comes out in winter 2012.

      • Yeah looking forward to that also, but more looking forward to streetfighter characters in the tekken engine (be interesting to see the art style as tekken is more realistic looking)

  4. Image 5 looks like Law’s been party to a Photoshop Disaster. He looks so out of shape.

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