Is This A Teaser For Resident Evil 6?

This may be completely unrelated to Resident Evil 6 but whatever it is, it’s intriguing. Website has gone live and features a number of pictures and videos of the words ‘No Hope Left’ from across the globe.

Each picture also features a symbol that seems to related to the classic ‘biohazard’ symbol – Biohazard being the name of Resident Evil in Japan.

A video has been posted featuring a Chinese lady begging for help and you may recall there was a casting call allegedly linked to Resident Evil 6 for – yes, you guessed – a Chinese lady.

One set of pictures seems to have been taken in Johannesberg which would link back to the African setting of Resident Evil 5.

However, the most exciting picture is the ‘No Hope Left’ taken on January 17th which has been spotted by Vauxhall station in London, conveniently about ten minutes from where I’m sitting now.

As it’s lunch time and in the spirit of investigative journalism, I am going to see if the the Vauxhall ‘No Hope Left’ does exist and if there are any more clues.  Stay tuned for an on the spot report!

P.S. Can I apologise in advance, just in case I get turned in to a zombie and try and eat you?




  1. If there is an outbreak of Zombies at TSA towers, i’m just letting everyone know, that i will nuke the towers. :p

    I hope RE6 will go back to it’s roots and not continue with the Las Plagas thing. Also, it had better make ammo and weapons scarce. :)

  2. I hope it’s more like Resi 4, as opposed to being like the fifth one. I loved the fourth but the fifth just didn’t appeal at all, I still haven’t even finished it.

  3. Hope so! It resembles a bit the “it came from kijuju” thing… My wishlist for re6 is: slow zombies, slow pace, creepy atmosphere and scarce ammo…

  4. I think there is a bit of boob in the second picture.

  5. Wonder what happens tomorrow 19/01/12 12:00 PST? *Prays for Resi 6 announcment*


  7. Just make it like the second one but better!

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