Community Round-Up: 21/01/12

I know I say this every week, but time is seriously flying! This weeks’ Roundup also marks the return of a much loved feature as requested by some of the members in the forums. Read on to find out what it is! [The lazy or illiterate can just scroll to the bottom – Tef]

We’ve plenty going on in the meets this week. First up, Yogdog brings us the Warhammer 40K: Space Marine taking place at 7pm today (the time on the Meet is incorrect). Also tonight, Bodachi hosts the usual Uncharted 3 meet, also kicking off at 7pm.

Last week’s return for the DiRT3 Meet must of been a success, as Crazy_Del has created another meet for Sunday at 6pm. There’s even a meet on Tuesday at 8pm hosted MadJunkBoy, so clearly TSA loves some DiRT3 action!

At 8pm, theberzerka hosts the usual Mondays Motorstorm Maddness meet. Also on Monday, Hunterstryfe is hosting the Payday: The Heist, kicking off at 7pm. If you can’t make this meet, there’s another one scheduled for Thursday also at 7pm, which is in direct competition with the weekly Uncharted 3 meet which starts at the same time.

If you have at least 250 TSA points, remember that you can host your own Meet if you want to.

Beginning with TSA’s reviews, we have slightly belated Dead Nation: Road of Devastation DLC reviewed by Joe, while Dan reviews one of Vita’s strongest titles, Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Catching up with TSA’s WeView feature, the WeView Verdict for Final Fantasy is here, or you could take a drive and let us know your thoughts for Driver: San Francisco. If you fancy getting to know some TSAgents, you’re spoilt for choice as you can meet Aran (aka OriginalJonty) who is one of TSA’s newest Staff members, or you could meet CarBoyCam who ruins Teflon’s interview by refusing to answer the ‘Snog, Civil Partnership and Smother’ question. [He’s now dead to me – Tef]

If you’re tight for cash at this time of year, Gamoc is here to the rescue with his Cheap PC Gaming looking at Hoard, a board-game style game where you hoard gold whilst being a Dragon. Greg brings us What We Played #36 where Dan nabs Al’s Vita and gives it a good test, whilst Blair finally gets around to playing Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Tuffcub has certainly earned his biscuits this week, with some rather cunning investigative journalism. After the ‘No Hope Left’ graffiti advertising appeared, Tuffcub visited the billboard and got in contact with the advertising agency, who confirmed a company called Capcom where behind it all. The Capcom angle only re-enforced suspicions that the mystey title was Resident Evil 6, and confirmation come when it was officially revealed the next day.

It’s great to the see forums brimming with threads, and here are just some of the best:

On a slightly unrelated topic, this news is just in. Origami Killer has tipped me off that MadJunkBoy has ‘failed’ in the forums. I’m not 100% what this means just yet, but this will surely develop in the coming weeks.

As promised, here is the return of the feature previously known as the ‘Friday Fight’. For those of you that don’t know, we pit two video game characters against one another in a head-to-head fantasy battle, with your comments deciding the winner.

We’ve decided to steal theberzerka’s brilliant formula, of only allowing each fighter to win 3 fights in a row before stepping down undefeated. We’ll then battle the undefeated characters together to find who the best is. A bit like Countdown, but with no Maths or advert breaks.

With the announcement of Resident Evil 6 this week, we figured there isn’t a more current way to start, than with a Saturday Morning Showdown featuring Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy!

Chris Redfield


  • A former U.S Air Force Pilot, and part of STARS’s Alpha Team.
  • Can probably crush a Zombie Squirrel to re-death using just his oversized biceps.
  • His sister and girlfriend both kick Zombie-backside too.


  • Small carrying capacity means no lockpick or grenade launchers.
  • Stereotypical tough guy, who could possibly be Sylvester Stallone’s lovechild.
  • Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance does sound a bit weak. What do they do? Show up at the terrorist lair, and say “Yup, everything’s in order here. You guys are totally Bioterrorists!”

Leon S. Kennedy


  • Not a Zombie.
  • Once saved the President’s daughter, and escaped on a Jetski.
  • Good buddies with the P.O.T.U.S. You can see just how well they get on in the RE6 trailer.


  • Silly floppy emo hair. Could be a hazard if it gets in the way. Probably has highly flammable product massaged into it.
  • Turned up a whole day late for work, and only lasted a single day as a police officer!
  • The President gave him a job… as his daughter’s glorified babysitter.

Cast your votes in the comments below for which of the two you think would or should win, and why.

That’ll do for now, I think, so I hope to see you again this time next week!

-This post was written in crayons on the patch of wall behind the door by Gazzagb.



  1. Chris for the win because gay haircuts annoy me.

    • Ironically I have one of those type of haircuts :P

      • Based on this, I also vote for chris ;)

  2. Great roundup as usual.

    As for the fight. Definately Chris. He is basically a tank on legs. And he has a pretty decent shot too.

  3. Another vote for Chris, Leon’s time keeping is just not acceptable!

  4. Ultimately it is going to boil down to who is the better shot, so the fact that Chris looks like an overstuffed ham is by the by. Unfortunately, Leon has chosen to obscure an eye with his foppish, luxurious fringe, so his depth perception is lacking. Therefore, the overstuffed ham wins.

    • “Luxurious fringe”?
      Best turn of phrase all week.

  5. Where’s my Starhawk Beta meet? D’:

    • btw I have downloaded the beta but it keeps getting stuck on the loading screen. Any ideas what is wrong.

      • I had that problem originally so i just gave up. Yesterday when i tried again it just fixed itself.

      • Hopefully it will work next time I try it then :)

      • Teflon, hate you too ;P

        For you two, it’s very possible that when you loaded up you were hitting either a maintenance window OR the servers have not yet been updated to support the amount of players the public beta has enlisted.

    • Sorry, there were more meets than are shown on that page. Now that Friday’s trio have disappeared, it’s shown up, but we didn’t know it was there!

      Also, we hate you :P

  6. so the fop, or the steroid abuser, neither one impressed me overly, neither seemed to have the coordination to be able to move their feet and their trigger finger at the same time.

    but i’ll give it to Leon, just because when he shot zombies in the head, they usually died, when Chris did it, they grew tentacles.

  7. Brilliant round up. The meet I added on Thurs was on request by those unable to attend mon but want thurs :)

  8. I’ll go for Chris, he clearly wants it more, therefore he’s more likely to succeed in his domination of the floppy Leon.

    • Got to be Chris on this one! haha we got it back Berzerka

      • Hey it was all you! It wouldn’t have happened without your thread. Although I do quite like brilliant formula :P

  9. Chris, no contest there ;)

  10. The following day after the round up had went up, Gazzagb went missing. Witness’s said they heard insane laughter. The Police cba to investigate. Also, Tef got a bigger office at TSA towers.

    Chris would win as he punched a freaking boulder and won! Plus, he makes the Hulk seem average.

    Also, why did you drop kick me off the top floor of TSA towers tef? It really hurt. :p

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