God Of War 4 Reveal Next Month

UK gaming mag PLAY has come out with a nice juicy rumour: God of War IV and Syphon Filter 4 will both be announced next month.  In a feature about games to be announced this year, Kratos’ latest is marked with a ‘February’ reveal.

“Sony Santa Monica’s call for an online dev to join its ranks has many thinking the inevitable God of War IV will include online play,” says the magazine.  “We could stop and ask why, but then we could also ask there’s another game when GOW III was meant to be Kratos’s last outing. We’re not complaining though.”


And as for the next Syphon Filter, the magazine claims it’s under development at SCE London and “will see a return to the world of shooting, espionage and Gabe Logan’s superb name.”

PLAY say both games will be released in 2012.

Source: Sillegamer.



  1. Love God Of War, probably my favourite series across PS2, PSP & PS3. I do think GoW3 was the perfect end for Kratos & an opportunity to call time on the ancient Greek mythology and take the series to a new location, era & mythology maybe Egyptian or Norse and start a new trilogy.

  2. Though the trilogy effectively ended in GOW3 (personally I wasn’t sold on the ending) the games have such a solid formula that I wouldn’t object to the series being expanded.

    If the rumours are true I’d say Sony is planning on announcing major games straight after (or just before) the launch of PS Vita.

  3. I hope G-Police 3 is a rumour one day..they need to do it, the PSone games were brilliant.

    Wouldn’t be excited for these… God Of War or Sf isn’t for me

  4. God of War is one of my favourite franchises so this news makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Syphon Filter is a classic franchise but the genre has moved on a lot since its last outing so be interesting to see what they do with it. If either or both of these rumours are true, I will be happy.

  5. God of War IV, or a Vita God of War game?
    I reckon the latter would seem more likely, but why haven’t they announce it yet?
    Unless Sony think they can drum up even more Vita hype by annoucing a big game for it just before launch…

    • Oh, and an actual Syphon Filter 4 would be great.
      Spent loads of time trying to kill my sister on the splitscreen PS1 SF3.
      Loved the way the game told you somebody had a headshot lined up on you, the quick panic manouvers were brilliant fun to execute.

  6. Not sure how I feel about this. I love God of War but part3 and the pointless HD re-releases of their older games was enough proof for me that they’ve run out of ideas.

    • Pointess re-release? Playing god of War 1 & 2 on PS3 was brilliant. Loved the HD spit shine. GOW3 was great too. So were both the PSP titles (which I have no played on PS3 also and they also look great in HD). I think there is a lot of life left in the God of War series as long as they do it right.

      • Yup, in no way was the re-release pointless.
        First time I’d played the PS2 GOW games (only had Chains of Olympus at that point) and I’ll probably pick up the second ‘pointless’ re-release eventually.
        Great games.

      • Sorry, “pointless re-release” was a bad way of putting it, but re-releasing something is still a shameless cash-in

    • yeah when I read about God of War 4 and now a Vita version my only reaction to this is… Bah, feck off unless your not the same from the rest.

      They need many.. new things to make it new…. or better? just a new IP with myth or fantasy.

    • you do no the fans asked in droves for Sony to make the remakes?

  7. only ever played god of war but it was awesome cant wait to see what gow4 has to offer

  8. Keep pumping out those SEXY PS3 Exclusives SONY:P

  9. Are there even any Greek Gods left to rage against?
    The concept of the game bored me by the time I was half way through GoW2 and the only thing that kept me going while playing GoW3 were the shiny textures. I personally really hope they spice things up with a new setting and some combat adjustments. I won’t buy a GoW 3.5.

    • seriously what, man God Of war 1 is FANTASTIC, 2 is epic & 3 is epc, the combat is the best compared to every game on the market (although I liked bourne I thought the combat in that game was superb..You sure you not mistaking GoW with Dante Inferno, I mean if so I understand

      • Yes, I’m sure I’m not mistaking God of War with Dante’s Inferno. The combat is very repetitive. I’m sorry, but constantly mashing the same two buttons over and over again with a few combos in between to fight off hordes of enemies is really not what I call entertaining. The weapons are hardly innovative and the story is so thin it should have concluded after the first game.
        This is my personal opinion about the franchise. I don’t expect you to share this opinion with me.

    • I get what you mean.
      I had to take a good long break between each GOW game, it’s why I haven’t finished 3 yet.
      They’re really good, but very repetitive.

      • I enjoyed GoW1 and got GoW2 immediately after finishing the first one and halfway through the game I just had enough. It just felt like I played the same game with different levels.
        God of War 3 came long after I played the second game so it felt a little fresher but that wore off by the end of the game when I was actually glad that it was over instead of being excited about knowing how the story concludes. :/

      • Yeah, that happened to me when I was playing the GOW Collection.
        Beat 1, had to take a break before beating 2. I started 3, but it just became a slog, so it’s on my shelf.
        Might finish it after I get bored of Skyrim.

    • There are more than you can think of, but they’re the crappy ones nobody really cares about, Kratos would crush them betwixt his toes anyway. I think they should change character and age. And not to Rome, cause that would be exactly the same, minus the names.

  10. I doubt it i really do,i wouls think something like God Of War which is a huge franchise to Sony would get an announcement at one of the big shows TGS,E3 ect..but i have been proved wrong wrong

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