Aliens Colonial Marines Slips AGAIN… Back To Spring

We were not imagining things, the official Aliens website did have the date as Autumn 2012.

Many other websites reported the news and CVG even managed to get a statement from Gearbox which admitted there was a delay.


Now the official website has moved the release date back to Spring 2012.

Why not just pick a random date in the next couple of years and make your very own Aliens Colonial Marines release date. You’ve probably got as good as guess as anyone when it will be out, including Gearbox and Sega.

Source: Official Site



  1. Game over, man, game over!

    • Now what the fuck are we supposed to do?

      • How about we make a fire, sing a few songs?

      • Why don’t we try that?

  2. They moved it back to Spring… I feel safer already

  3. I’m freaking confused :/
    From now on… Must Avoid any news/gossip whatever on Aliens Colonail Marines (spelt it that way and I blame Capcom for the freaking spelling disaster.

  4. Good ol Gearbox, always good for a laugh. First they release the mess that was DNF (not entirely their fault I know) then they bitch and moan about people not liking it and now they can’t decide when their next game is coming out. All good stuff :D

  5. Hopefully Borderlands 2 managed to release properly, I’m looking forward to that more than this anyway. Though I do hope that there aren’t any more delays for this.

  6. hmmmm, slippery.

  7. Ive lost interest now. Release is when you release it Gearbox.

  8. This game sounded quite interesting several years ago when it was first announced but, now the only impression I have is that it’s spent way too long in development and the alarm bells are ringing.

  9. This has been a farce for all the wrong reasons. Gearbox seriously need to clarify on what’s going on.

  10. I hope it will be worth the wait as the last game that kept getting delayed turned out to be rubbish. I wonder if they are adding more content in every time they delay it?

    • Let’s be honest though, if Gearbox hadn’t taken over development on DNF, it would still be in development or outright cancelled. Actually the latter in hindsight may had been the wiser choice, considering the game was a trainwreck, even with Gearbox doing massive cutting and editing on the game.

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