Mass Effect 3 “Special Forces” Trailer

A new Mass Effect 3 trailer has been released, showing the different classes in multiplayer. It is accompanied by this rather amusing blog, which goes into a bit more detail about things, including why it’s good to shoot at your friends, and why the Vanguard is like a rhinoceros.

All hail the almighty rhinoceros!


Don’t forget that the demo is due on February 14th, because nothing says “I love you” more than inviting your other half to play with your Krogan battlemaster.

Source: YouTube



  1. Oh god, this looks incredible.

    • Really? Looks like Final Fantasy shagged Crysis to me. Horribly generic.

      • There’s not much “generic” in the Mass Effect universe but it does borrow a lot of tone and design cues from Star Trek. Although new Star Trek borrowed a fair bit from Mass Effect too…

      • I think it looks sweet, mucho impressed, doesn’t look like it’s going to fail, i was scared it might.

      • Story wise the species are very generic! Genetically! Hence the reapers taking an intrest in humans who aren’t generic genetically! But im not sure that’s relevant, so erm…… GIVE MASS EFFCT 3 NOW GOD DAMN IT! Ye that’s better. I think.

      • Remember, Tuffcub hates Mass Effect.

      • Damn you tuffcub for hating Mass Effect, GOD SMITE YOU!

  2. Can’t wait for this, it looks great.

  3. This has got me interested…..interesting stuff, looks nice to.

  4. Judging by this trailer, if the single player portion is spoiled because of the developers wasting too much time on this pointless, generic extra I will be pissed :(

    • As will I!

    • So will I. It would be the second time Bioware has let me down. Hopefully, not. :)

  5. I just can’t get excited about a space/fantasy shooter. I like a touch of reality in my shooters.

    • It’s all fine except this game isn’t a shooter. :)

  6. Hmm, it’s not as bad as i thought it would be but i hope each race has it’s strengths and weakness. I expect the Krogan to be very hard to kill unless it is set on fire. If all of the races, are the same, i won’t be happy. Also, i hope SP bit when this is taking place won’t be jumping through hoops. :S

  7. Actually looks pretty good! Can’t wait to get some hands on though as trailers can be deceiving, but impressed so far.

  8. This video is private! ah well will search for another on you tube.

  9. For anyone having trouble watching the video on Youtube, here’s a link to it on Gametrailers:

    • Isn’t it nice that they’ve turned a blind eye to what made ME so successfull in order to cater for the lowest common denominator.. :/

      • Not necessarily. This addition could work, provided it’s executed correctly. Also, only a handful of people have tried it out, so I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve played it myself.

      • oopsadazy that wasn’t meant to be a reply to you Al , this wine i’m drinking to help me forget is luvverly though.. sluurp.. now where was i… ooh i think it’s working.. :)

  10. Giving orders as Shepard is one thing but taking them will be tricky,the guys a gaping asshole most of the time.

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