Mega Man, Pac-Man Playable In Street Fighter X Tekken

The folks at Capcom Unity have unveiled two new guest characters for the publisher’s much-anticipated fighting game crossover, Street Fighter X Tekken. Both Pac-Man and Mega Man will join the existing list of guest characters exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita version of the game including Sony mascots Kuro and Turo as well as inFamous protagonist, Cole McGrath.


Producer Yoshinori Onon had intended to include at least one 360-exclusive fighter though due to “timing” among other factors, neither Master Chief or Marcus Fenix made the cut.



  1. Why is Megaman a middle aged accountant from Bristol who has ate too many pies?

    • Capcom are going for a goofy look for Mega Man, a so-bad-it’s-good look.

      • Nope, not bad enough to make it good again. It’s right at the border which makes it as bad as it can get without being ridiculous enough to tip it over to the good side. ;)

  2. Should I get this or Marvel vs Capcom for Vita?
    Love the ridiculous amount of good games on the way for it!

    • Did you not read the bit about Pac-Man? ;)

  3. Bloody heck, Mega Man is a bit out of shape, i know it’s been a while since he had a game but still. I think Pacman is cheating by controlling a robot. ;) Hangon, didn’t Capcom say that Megaman is not suitable for a fighting game? If so then this could prove them wrong.

    • Robot? :O it’s an altered Mokujin from Tekken!

      As a massive Tekken fan I couldn’t let that slip by.

  4. Pac-man

    Surely a joke, whatever next Wayne Rooney Golf?

  5. That’s 5 (well probably 4, as those two cats are pretty much the same) extra characters for Playstation. That’s a pretty sweat deal. I’d rather have that than a few days/weeks exclusivity.

    I like the Mega Man.

  6. No, on second thoughts let us not go to Playstation. It is a silly place…

  7. I’ve never ever thought of Pacman having legs and arms… weird.

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