Aliens Colonial Marines.. Oh You Know The Rest

Aliens Colonial Marines was scheduled for spring. It was autumn. Then it was spring again.

Now the official Aliens Colonial Marines site has vanished completely and redirects to the Facebok page. Perhaps it’s being punished for telling lies earlier today.


Fortunately, Gearbox was on Twitter earlier so I jumped in and asked them when the game is coming out.

“It has been moved to Fall 2012.”

Join me tomorrow for the next edition of “When the buggering buggery will Aliens Colonial Marines be released?

Source: Twitter



  1. My armpits smell funny

  2. I think Gearbox were trying to Mindscrew everyone with the release date.

  3. Oh for god sake….
    This isn’t boding well.

  4. Possibly the zaniest marketing campaign yet. Notice the number of TSA articles? ;)

    • When you think about it, yes. A bit of a weird way if going about it, but it’s certainly got people talking. (If that was their intention and not some internal error anyway)

  5. Clearly something musn’t be up to scratch.

    but delaying to autumn that’s commercial suicde – they should release it in July imo.

    • I was thinking the same thing, though it could be a Christmas cash-in ploy.

  6. Therefore I confirm you, the new Duke Nukem Forever.. is here…sooo 2019 release date?

  7. Make your sodding minds up Gearbox, I just want to play the game goddammit.

  8. my god, what is going on. i dont have the strength to get angry anymore

  9. Oh well, we will all be dead before the day it comes out, so many delays :P Just seen a trailer on facebook saying fall 2012 too :(

  10. WTF the time you are taking you could have made the game you could have reworte the whole alien saga

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