Microsoft: New Xbox? Us? At E3? Noooo Way!

It’s Le Point again, on form, grabbing some tasty interviews with Sony and Microsoft.  This time, well, it looks like Microsoft won’t be releasing Xbox 3/720/Terry at E3 this year after all.

But – we hear you cry – an unknown, unmentioned but yet totally trustworthy source told someone a few weeks back that it would be?  Well.  It won’t.  Microsoft said so.


Cedrick Delmas, Microsoft France’s Marketing Director, said that it’s simply not happening.  “What’s certain is that there’ll be nothing new in 2012,” he said.

“If we wanted to counter Nintendo we should be able to release something right now and that’s not the case,” he said, giving Sony a sly wink.

The translation’s from a French GAFfer who admits to not being particularly fluent in English.  It’s certainly a better translation of most of the stuff that gets banded around the web these days, so we’re good to go.

If however, you are particularly apt at both, here’s the text:

Ce qui est sûr, c’est qu’il n’y aura rien de nouveau en 2012. Si on devait contrer Nintendo, il faudrait être capable de sortir quelque chose immédiatement, et ce n’est pas du tout le cas.

I can ask a French waiter what beer they have on tap.  I’ve found it most useful.



  1. “What’s certain is that there’ll be nothing new in 2012” – Sure, that doesn’t mean nothing will be announced in 2012.
    Although let’s face it, the rumour mill goes round every year in the build up to E3!

  2. Huh.
    I guess this means that Microsoft will probably announce their next gen console last…

    Sony too…

    Hold on…

    MicroSony PlayBox 460?! JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT at special press conference 1.5 days before E3!

  3. Wow, just wow. This is breaking news and you hid it in an unimportant article like this!

    They have BEER in France!

    • It’s not proper beer trust me. Its dirt.

    • And it costs you a days salary for a pint!

      • And it’s called ‘Pee-Pee de Chien’

  4. I don’t think anyone really expected a launch this year. An announcement for sure, but not a launch.

    • Yeah at the end of the day, that is literally all that it is saying – That nothing will be released this year (which as you say, no-one in their right mind would expect anyway).

      They can go ahead & announce stuff & show you pretty pictures of it though, maybe even have a model that you can have a bit of a grope of. That they haven’t denied.

  5. no new console i can live with that for now

  6. I still expect an announcement at E3, with a mid-2013 release.

  7. It’s French so it’s possibly more arrogant than that* – they just don’t think Nintendo’s new offering is a worthy contender.

    *Up the xenophobes!

  8. Will it just be an Y-box?

    • Chromosomally altered to hit the target-group of men only!

      • i thought we already had that.
        it’s called the 360 isn’t it? o_O

    • G-Box

      • that sounds more like a sex toy.

      • And according to most women us men wont find it.

  9. Xbox 720 just makes absolutely no sense. I wish people would stop using it. It’s not as if there’s any chance it will actually be called that. Just call it the Xbox 3 or ‘the next Xbox’ would suit me just fine. At least they make some kind of sense!

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