Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Launch Trailer

With the game already out in North America, and due out here on Friday, Square Enix has released a launch trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

A modified version of XIII, the game has been getting mixed reviews so far, with scores between 9/10 and 3/10.

Source: Square Enix



  1. Looks good to me….but unfortunately this is going straight under MGS Collection in the “To Do” pile when it drops through the door on Friday! ;)

  2. Cant wait for this game, I really hope its not a disappointment :)

  3. Who gave it 3/10? Clearly they’re just trying to be contraversial. I can say this with confidence as I’ve never played the game.

    • These were my exact thoughts. Even FFXIII wasn’t a 3/10 game so I can’t imagine, with the alleged improvements, it will have gone backwards.

      • Oh, it was close enough.

      • Really, you thought it was close to a 3/10? :(

    • It has to be Edge magazine surely? 9 times out of 10 if a game is excellent, those guys will hate it coz it makes them look cool…. :|

      • I think Edge gave the game a 5 because they thought it was too easy. If I recall correctly they entered 10 fights and didn’t touch the controller one and came out victorious every time. I guess they want every enemy you encounter in the game to be a boss but then they’d probably complain that the game was too hard. :P

  4. Many old school FF fans hated on XIII and this is probably just a progression on that but even if you don’t like the game a 3/10 rating is just an insult. There are so many really, really bad games out there that receive such ratings and putting Final Fantasy XIII-2 on that level is sad and most likely unjustified.
    I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the game on Saturday. The trailer looked really good.

    • Depends if the game can make you really really frustrated?

      • I know reviews can never be unbiased but let’s say I had to rate Skyrim, a game which I cannot see myself enjoying, I would never give it a rating of 3 because personal issues aside, it’s a great game and I feel the same should apply to some extent to reviews.
        So FFXIII-2 can be really frustrating for someone but for every person out there that is annoyed by something in the game there are let’s say for the sake of the argument 100 who really enjoy it. Would that justify rating a game down tremendously? I’m slightly shifting the conversation to the discussion of reviews in general but I can imagine that this has happened to the really bad FFXIII-2 review.
        Of course I haven’t played XIII-2 yet but I’m very sure that it could never turn out to be a 3/10 game. The only reason I can imagine for such a low score is the fact that many people were annoyed with the turn that XIII took for the franchise, which kind of made it cool for people to hate on the game, even though as a stand alone game, it’s great. People expect the same old formula for Final Fantasy games over and over again but I’m actually glad that SquareEnix is not sitting on their asses rehashing old battle systems and stuff like that. It’s a franchise with mostly stand alone games that share some lore similarities with monsters and creatures. Comparing XIII to VII is just silly. No Mario game can ever be as awesome as SMB3 was. This doesn’t mean that every Mario game that came out after 3 was crap. They moved on and tried new things with the franchise and I’m glad they did just that with XIII.

      • Well they are in fact rehashing the same stuff otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing Chocobos in every game ;) There were story moments and settings etc that were successful and then put back. I’m not talking just about the recurring elements there was blatant self-copying as well.

        In fact i don’t mind them trying out new stuff as long as it is good. I can appreciate a different game, talk about Catherine/Vanquish/Enslaved/etc, but when it’s radically weak and sums up to grinding..?

      • Like I said, monsters and creatures (Moogles, Chocobos, summons, etc.) are part of the franchise and often carry over between the different games but I haven’t come across “blatant copying” yet after playing VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XI, XII and XIII. At least I wasn’t aware of it and if you compare those games they are all very different: Characters, battle systems, worlds, settings, story, weapons, magic, summons, etc.

        I can only speak for my experience and those of the people around me who have played the game but nobody compared XIII to a grind fest. To be honest, if anything I’d say VII is the FF game that I would associate with grinding the most. Back then I never paid much attention to side quests and that was when I still relied on video game magazines to provide me with game hints so I took the easiest route which was the main story line. Needless to say I got my ass kicked numerous times and was unable to finish the game because my party was not fit to survive the final battle. So years later I played through the game again and after some grinding towards the end of the game was actually able to finish the game.
        I never had to do this with XIII except for the trophies, which I did because I wanted to, not because the game forced me to. I’d say it’s not hard to finish XIII without having to grind as long as you pay attention to your Paradigms and find a strategy that works.

  5. It looks good. I kinda like the modified combat system. And IT HAS SIDE QUESTS! :D From what i’ve heard anyway. Although, the story is said to be weaker this time around. As long as i’m not basically going from point a to point b, that’s good enough for me as that got boring in FF13 for the first half of the game.

    I will pick it up after i’ve completed 13. I wonder when the review will be up?

  6. Just got it today. So far its playing much better than XIII. Much more interesting and the combat is far from straight forward.

    Give it a 0/10 for all i care, im liking it!

    • I hate you…

      • ner ner ner ner ner! :)

      • @Roynaldo

        Just for that I’ll have to mention that I got it on Monday :D

      • I hate you even more… :P

      • haha! how are you finding it compared to XIII so far?

      • Impression so far: They’ve dumbed down the crystarium. Monster taming is nice. Overall easier (in the beginning atleast) but that may be because I already knew some paradigm strategies. Story doesn’t make much sense yet, but too soon to really say. The shop girl/chocobo is annoying. I like the idea of rewinding/resetting an area so I can play it again, bosses included, although I haven’t tried that yet. Not 10/10 but certainly not 3/10 either, unless there are bugs I haven’t seen yet.

    • Did you order it from Game/Shopto? They seem to deliver most pre-orders a couple of days early :)

      • shopto. Got my despatch email this morning at 8:30 and it dropped through the door at 11. lol

        Usually get a day early from them but rarely 2.

  7. i think looking pretty is a given for an FF game these days isn’t it?

    anyway, the demo was fun, i’ll be looking to pick this up.

  8. Does anyone want to play 13 on my ps3 while i watch? I can just get straight onto 13-2. Ive got a feeling that the cellophane is gonna be on this for a good while!

    • I would actually do that! If it wasnt for XIII-2 coming out!

    • I did that with my girlfriend. Sadly we never got past the 10th chapter due to lack of time so now I’ll have to play XIII-2 without her.

    • there is a chapter by chapter catch up on the xxx-2 menu. explains everything.

  9. I have this pre-ordered but can’t decide whether I want to pay the rest and pick it up.

    It’s this or the MGS HD Collection, I can’t afford both at $130 a pop.

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