Ono Vs Harada To Promote 3DS Tekken

Yoshinori Ono is the producer of the Street Fighter series for Capcom. He’s also an incredibly good sport, if this trailer for Namco’s Tekken 3D Prime Edition is anything to judge him by.

Ono-san has faced off against fighting game nemesis, Katsuhiro Harada – the Tekken series director in a four minute kung fu movie to promote the new, 60fps 3DS fighter. It’s funny, shows off some cool gameplay footage and generally makes Tekken 3D Prime Edition look like a lot of fun.


There’s a 90 minute CG movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, on the game cartridge too. This is great news for Tekken fans as it explores the game’s often baffling history.



  1. Awesome and good value for the movie as well. Street fighter 3d was excellent I hope this as as good. On the buy listfor me

  2. Cannot wait to pick this game up. Been wanting to get a beat em up for ages and a new tekken plus 3d movie for 30quid sounds like the best option :D

    • No fan of SF, I guess?

      That clip was pretty funny.

  3. Nice to see Bandai Namco and Capcom work together like this. Could there be a merge on the horizon?

  4. Love that! I wonder if they’ll do the opposite advert for a Street Fighter 3DS release. What a good bloody sport.

  5. Any video with both those guys in, is an instant watch for me.

  6. That is very kind of them. I wonder if Nacom will return the favour. I like how Kat just basically wins without doing that much.

    I’ve heard the movie is not that good and i’m surprised that it will be on the same catridge as the game. :O

  7. That was crazy! I like it..

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