Ridge Racer Vita Offers Up Free DLC At Launch

I’ve already said that Ridge Racer on Vita is a decent title, one that was the target of a few nasty looks when the track and car count was announced – here’s my thoughts on the issue.

However, Namco have announced that anyone picking up the racer at launch can grab themselves some free DLC that significantly boosts the content somewhat – five new cars, three extra courses, two music tracks and an ‘extended music mix’, according to MCV.


Of course, this also applies to anyone downloading the game from the Store, although to get the DLC this way for free you’ll need to buy the game before the end of March.  After that it’s 7 Euro.

Additional DLC will follow in April.



  1. Nom, carrots :)

  2. Now thats an incentive to buy the game new and at launch. Well done Namco.

    • You’d think with the apparent lack of content in the retail game they would have added this DLC as regular content in the first place. The game got some bad press due to the lack of content, even if the retail price is lower than some other Vita games. Not sure if this strategy will pay off in the end.

      • It probably wont. But it may add some sales from early vita adopters who were sitting on the fence about it due to the lack of tracks and cars. You would be getting what would feel like a whole game rather than the bare bones its shipping to retail with.

    • Yup.
      More palatable than the other methods of pre-owned discouragement. It’s a system that really suits racers.

  3. Surely this is because they’ve realised 3 courses and 5 cars isn’t enough in a racer? So long as the original 3 tracks aren’t just reversed! :/

    • I’m sure the original 3 were already reversed, making 6 (buy really 3) tracks in game.

      • Don’t forget mirrored and reverse mirrored courses… :P

  4. That makes a refreshing change from games like Tiger Woods that puts all of the DLC (half of the game) on the store for hard cash and then releases the other half of the game on disc a week or two later.

    • Yes, but I think I’ll still wait till an all-in DLC pack is released before deciding whether to get the game.

  5. Can you prove that?

  6. Indeed, or by way of an update patch followed by a 100 kilobyte unlock key for sale on the store in other games.

  7. Think I might pick it up now.
    It’s not expensive. Looks like racers are going to dominate my Vita just like my PSP.
    I guess they just suit portability.

  8. Can you source that? Because if its in the full game but locked then I would be very pi**ed.

  9. Hmm it is a good idea but i fear it may be content that has been stripped from the game. If that is the case then that is poor as RRV doesn’t seem to have that many cars and tracks. :S

    At least they are not offering to unlock the entire game by selling the keys on Day one like a certain game tends to do. ;)

  10. Any lack of sales will more likely come down to huge competition in the racing genre on launch day rather than lack of content. I’ve got Modnation racers pre ordered for 23. The others will have to wait

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