Ridge Racer Vita DLC Detailed

It’s fair to say many people weren’t too impressed when it was revealed that Ridge Racer on Vita would launch as a stripped-down product, with more content being available via DLC. This week’s Famitsu goes into a bit more detail as to what DLC the game will be receiving when it is launched in Japan this December.

On December 22 there will be the release of a free DLC music pack featuring music from past Ridge Racer games. February 23 will see the paid DLC start, with at least one car priced ¥250 and one course priced ¥400. From March to May there will be seven cars and five courses, although no price has been mentioned.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive and more might be added between now and the game’s release.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Pay as you go gaming?

  2. So the game comes out in December with 5 courses and then at the end of February players will get the chance to buy a few more for almost 4€ a pop and between March and May another 5 courses will become available? I’m sorry but that’s just a slap in the face. Thanks but no thanks…

    • Exactly this. It’s really quite disgusting that they think they can do this…

  3. and they expect this to sell? Good luck Namco.

    • i’m with you on that one. can’t see it seeling too well.

  4. Didn’t THQ use this model for the last ATV vs MX game, which failed miserably if I can remember correctly?
    I placing my bets on the model failing yet again.

    • Difference was that THQ released ATV vs MX at a budget price as part of the initiative (low cost base model that you could top up with DLC as you wish) – Namco are still selling Ridge Racer at full price i believe, which is mental.

  5. Yet another digital download pricing structure FAIL!!!

  6. So that roughly equates to £2 per car & £3.30 per track. It all hinges on how much the game will cost to buy. Considering the game has an rrp of about £34 it could be up to £50 for a decent sized game. If you find the game discounted however, then it could be a bargain.

    Also, if they go down the PAYG route, the spacing between release of the game and release of the DLC seems to me to be too long. This won’t affect us in the UK though (hopefully) if they game gets an EU release.

  7. im thinking bargain bucket pick up which is not what a new console needs before its even launched.

  8. I remember when Ridge Racer games used to come with just one track with a forward and reverse configuration for your £40.

    Those were the days.

    • don’t forget space invaders as the game loaded.
      and it never had to load anything else, you could even take the game cd out and put a music disc in.

  9. RR doesn’t feature highly on my favourites list but this sounds like a raw deal for fans.

  10. I was looking forward to this game but now I’ll think I’ll save my pennies for something else and maybe wait until it’s in the bargain bucket.

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