Free To Play Ridge Racer Coming To PS3 This Year

Ridge Racer Unbounded was pretty good, even if it wasn’t really a traditional Ridge Racer game. Today NAMCO have revealed a brand new Ridge Racer game – due for PlayStation 3 and PC – seemingly based on Unbounded. It’s the same developers, at least.


The difference is that it’s free to play. That is, the core game will be free, with (presumably) different car packs available as premium add-ons.

The last Ridge Racer to appear rather content-lite was the Vita launch title, one that despite actually turning out alright once you’d grabbed the expansions still reviewed relatively poorly considering the game’s tight controls remained intact.

Ridge Racer Driftopia (yes, that’s its name) is due this year for PS3 and PC.



  1. I can imagine the free version will be incredibly basic. Hope I’m proven wrong though. Either way, I’ll definitely get it, there’s no reason not to, being free and all that.

    • ‘ incredibly basic’, just like the Vita one then.

  2. Perhaps the name is a sign of some changes coming to the series; Utopias never seem to last, with all the Bioshock games being good examples. Will this lead to some sort of car-based revolution set in a world full of ideological motorheads?
    Not such a stupid name after all…

  3. I bet the free version will only have about 3 tracks and 1 car, everything else you have to buy. I guess it won’t be too bad if you can unlock everything for ~£30, provided the content stacks up to a ‘full’ game.
    Driftopia is also a rubbish name.

  4. I actually enjoyed the Vita game, it played like you wanted a Ridge Racer game to, but just lacked content.
    Can’t say no to this, even if the name is a bit shitty.

  5. I loved the Vita Ridge Racer, because despite its lack of content it handled like a Ridge Racer game – the Unbounded one handled horribly. If it handles like Ridge Racer I’d be in!

    • It’s Bugbear again, so it’ll handle exactly like Unbounded I’d say.

    • Unbounded handles just fine, you just need to know how to utilise the drift mechanic properly.

      Unbounded is actually a decent game, it’s just a shame that so little people actually bothered with it due to the fact that it wasn’t a ‘proper’ Ridge Racer.

  6. The last time I played a Ridge Racer game must have been on the PS2 (or was it PS1?) and this looks nothing like it… I don’t like the style of it.
    If the Vita version is anything to go by, you will probably get half a car and one track for free…

  7. I really don’t like the f2p model. The problem is that buying all of the in game content often costs a lot more than a full game would’ve in the 1st place.

    • I wonder if these F2P games will have trophies, also will they follow the usual standard of the platinum being obtainable with just the basic game without any need for additional DLC content purchase…………
      One car, one track, one three lap race……ping! platinum :P

    • tonycawley…that is exactly why I stay well away from any F2P game made. It’s a con.

  8. 30 seconds into that trailer it shows what purchase options will be. Repair kits ???? I think this is going to be real racing 3 ,shame cos it looked like it would be fun

  9. baaahumbug !

  10. Meh. Really can’t be arsed with ftp games & I’ll probably avoid this like the plague.

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