Ridge Racer Unbounded Track Builder Looks Amazing

I know, we’re often fond of a little bit of hyperbole in this industry. I even admit to enjoying it – what’s the point in video games if we can’t get excited over them? But wait until you’ve seen this before you discount my proclamation as that of an over-excited loon.

I’m not even a big Ridge Racer fan, I played a bit on the first PlayStation, I had a couple of goes around with the recent Vita game and I got laughed at relentlessly by Alex when I played the demo of this at the Eurogamer Expo last year. But this is looking incredible. Like an old Burnout game mixed with Mario Kart and force-fed classic Ridge Racer until it explodes.


Just watch:

Pretty cool, huh?



  1. Didn’t think much of the basic editor after watching vid on the official website but the advanced one looks great.

  2. This actually looks pretty cool.

  3. I want a demo now!

  4. Oh my, looks amazing.

    • Yeah! Like a mix of Burnout 3 and Trackmania!

  5. Looks like a lot of customization and I recall a certain other racer which did this and suffered terribly with load times, MNR anyone?

    • Hopefully they won’t run into the same problem. Gotta say though, I’m loving both of the editors.

  6. Never a massive fan of the Ridge Racer series – I think I’ve only ever owned Revolution and and RR7, but that looks like a lot of fun, certainly worth a look.

    • it’s not really a ridge racer game, ignore the name, this is Flatout.

      • & all of a sudden i am actually more interested. :)

  7. Ridge Racer meets SimCity and they’ve left the civic disasters in from the latter!

    And somebody tell Kris it now comes with added dinosaurs.

  8. Looks great! hope there is a demo before release i may be intrested!

  9. I’m impressed,wasn’t expecting that!

  10. Stunning. I might just be buying this y’know. I await more information.

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