Ridge Racer Unbounded Delayed By A Month

Namco has confirmed to Eurogamer that Ridge Racer Unbounded has been delayed. Originally due for a March 2nd release, you’ll now be able to pick it up on March 30th.

“The development team felt they needed a little bit of extra time to optimise the game.”

That’s fine, as it’ll give us time to recuperate after a massive Vita binge.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I’m not sure about this new Ridge racer game…from what ive seen, it looks too much like a rip off from split second and motorstorm appocalypse. I’d much prefer them to just remake the original ridge racer from PSP (best ever RR game imo) onto PS3 HD.

  2. “a little bit of extra time to optimise the game”?

    Running that through the PR translator I get “to avoid clashing with the release of Ridge Racer Vita, giving RR fans a chance to get that game out of their systems before offering them another”.

    I love RR but even I wouldn’t consider buying two RR games so close together and the one that’s least like ‘traditional’ RR would be the one to lose out.

  3. Unsure of this game myself anyway. I’ll probably wait for reviews and probably a price drop.

  4. Sadly it won’t save it from the god-awful moniker it’s been cursed with. Seriously, who names this stuff?

    The game itself could go either way but whatever it’s like, when developers are criticised for banging the same thing out year after year I can’t knock Namco for trying something different.

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